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Juan Reynoso highlights that Cruz Azul rested the bulk of the squad

The Peruvian coach assured that the draw against Arcahaie is not a surprise and affirmed that the celestial team should be congratulated for being very alive in the competition

SANTO DOMINGO — Juan Reynoso, coach of Cruz Azul, considered that the goalless draw in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Concacaf Champions League against Arcahaie was not a surprise, He even highlighted, above the result, that they are still alive in the series and that at the same time players who have started in the series rested Liga MX.

“If today we have to congratulate each other, it is that, we are still very much alive in the tie and we have rested the bulk of the group in Mexico City. Suddenly not everyone is going to have the same luck as the Mexican teams that we play this week and today we have to congratulate ourselves on this part ”, he expressed at a press conference after the 0-0 against the Haitian team.

Reynoso highlighted the effort of his players in the duel against ArcahaieHe even announced that some of those who started in the first leg will be present next Tuesday in the return to be held at the Azteca Stadium.

“Surprise for nothing. It is a team that played at its best, as we expected. We knew that we had in front of a rival who was going to run, who was going to put in, who was going to press. We thought that we were going to adapt better to the field, it did not happen. Today surely some will say that many did not take advantage of the opportunity, that they did not give their best effort, much more pondering the result than the process of the game. We knew that inactivity was going to cost many ”.

“They said that Cruz Azul was going to win with 50 goals”

Gabriel Michel, coach of Arcahaie, expressed his annoyance after the press took as a fact that Blue Cross He was going to overcome them with ease, but he was satisfied to be able to show the opposite and now he thinks about sealing the key in his favor in Mexico City.

“We know that Cruz Azul is a great team, we know that it is a high-level team, we already know that, but the problem was that The press in Haiti and the press in Mexico spoke as if Cruz Azul was going to come here to the Dominican Republic and was going to win with 50 goals.. It is the press that creates something, but it is football and we have shown that ”.

On the other hand, Thomas Clifford, captain of the Haitian team, considered that, given what his team demonstrated in the first leg of the round of 16 of the Concacaf Champions League, they silenced all the predictions that the Mexicans would thrash them.

“We have shown that soccer is soccer. When you talked about Cruz Azul, you thought it was an earthquake that was going to happen here. Cruz Azul is a good team, but we have shown that we are also a good team that can fight like them and we know that, with the will, with the confidence with which we are going to go to Mexico, now they have the pressure ”.

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