Juan Grabois toasted 2021 with a criticism of Mercado Libre: “They take a slice when the rest go bad”

Juan Grabois proposed a particular toast on his social networks and repudiated the growth of Mercado Libre

Juan Grabois It is usually characterized by the radical tone of their opinions, which in general slides on their social networks. Their comments often create controversy or initiate unexpected crossovers. On the last day of 2020, the social leader spoke about the growth of Mercado Libre, the company founded by Marcos Galperín, and received harsh criticism for his ideas.

Days ago, Grabois came across Michelangelo Pichetto in the program Truth / Consequence, of TN. While Pichetto was on the floor, Grabois, who was outside the studio, was invited to join in the conversation. Starting off, with notable annoyance at the former senator’s previous statements about the Russian vaccine, the social leader described him as “bad milk” and as a “former ultrakirchnerista”.

In the last hours, Grabois was once again the center of attention, this time for an opinion that turned upside down on Twitter. “Some have the great merit of taking a cut when the rest of us are doing badly and the world falls,” wrote the popular leader next to a photo of a Mercado Libre plane taking off. “A year of wed goes away … for the excluded from the countryside and the city, the working people, the middle class“He diagnosed. Then, he took advantage of the date to greet the arrival of the year 2021:” I toast because in the next, as Quilapayún said, the tortilla will come back! “.

Days ago, Galperín, founder and CEO of Mercado Libre, published on Twitter a video in which the Mexican youtuber Berth-Oh showed how the planes operated by the retail company work to make shipments to Brazil and Mexico, in an operation of logistics that allows products to be delivered in 24 hours.


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