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Juan Grabois, to Luis Etchevehere: “I didn’t imagine you were going to get scared”

Juan Grabois at an event with Máximo Kirchner Source: Archive – Credit: Hernán Zenteno

The cross between the Kirchner social leader Juan Grabois and the former head of agribusiness and the Argentine Rural Society, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, It continued this afternoon when the social referent clarified that he was not inviting the ruralista to fight.

Through his Twitter account, Grabois said: “I saw in LA NACION that you did not accept my invitation. You looked so handsome mistreating Dolores. I didn’t imagine you were going to be scared. Sorry Luis Miguel Etchevehere, that way I expressed myself badly. I invited you to a dining room so that you know the reality. Maybe your heart will soften. Still stands”.

This morning, Etchevehere had assured LA NACION that he will not go next Monday to meet Juan Grabois at the headquarters of the CTEP, as challenged by the social leader on social media. “That type of bravado is not needed by Argentina,” was the response of the Former official to LA NACION after crossing through Twitter.

“In a state of law, any dispute has to be dealt with in court, as happened with the attempted usurpation of a field belonging to my family in Entre Ríos, where justice evicted the usurpers and today there are 36 defendants,” Etchevehere said.

A new crossover that started Twitter

The crossing by Twitter rose in tone in the last 24 hours. Last Thursday, Grabois published a message against Mercado Libre, Marcos Galperin’s e-commerce company that had strong growth this year, by attacking those who “get a cut when the rest of us do badly and the world falls.” “If things go bad for you, the country is doing well. Remote control usurper,” Etchevehere replied yesterday. That message unleashed the ire of the CTEP leader: “Corrupt, narco, machirulo and very, very cowardly. I gave back the school and what you stole from your sister. Oh and if you are such an alpha male, I’ll wait for you on Monday 11:30 in Pedro Echague 1265 to see if you learn anything about life. You are an aristocrat of cotillion … “, he replied, challenging him to meet at the headquarters of his social organization.

Etchevehere did not respond to that message on Twitter and does not anticipate doing so. Nor does he plan to meet with Grabois beyond the intentions of the social leader’s proposal. “We cannot go back to the pre-constitutional era, today there is a rule of law, we have to defend and respect the Constitution,” he said.

The dispute between the two had its moment of maximum tension last year when the Artigas Project, of Grabois, occupied land of the Etchevehere in Entre Ríos, enabled by Dolores Etchevehere, one of the former minister’s sisters. Finally, the justice ordered the restitution of the land to the family.

“The Grabois of life are not the issue, the important thing in Argentina today is who finances them and who gives political support to the managers of poverty”, said the former minister of the administration of Mauricio Macri.

And he launched his own challenge: “Even I would challenge Grabois to inform Argentina how much money he received this year and what he did with that money, audited by an independent entity that tells us what the truth of that financing was, and that that money go to the people who really need it and that it is not used to commit crimes. ” “They are billions of pesos from the State that receives the movement he leads. Since it is money from all taxpayers, let him be accountable,” he said.

Etchevehere questioned governments that “take the state as their own loot to make patronage with money from the people they produce.” “I defend production, I believe in respect for private property as the basis of the capitalist economy, which is the one that progresses based on effort and merit. And I also believe and defend that the way to get people out of poverty is by generating private employment and that is not happening in our country due to the malpractice of President Fernández and Vice President Cristina Kirchner, who are the ones who promote and endorse the acts of the Grabois of Argentina “, he launched.

In that sense, he referred to his response to Grabois’ tweet about Mercado Libre. “I believe in the Galperin, in the Mercado Libre, who make products reach homes quickly and cheaply. They are the virtuous examples of Argentina.”

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