Juan Carlos ‘El Tigre’ Bonilla has not yet been requested in extradition, says the CSJ

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Although the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (give, for its acronym in English), assures that he is awaiting the extradition of the former director of the Police, Juan Carlos “The Tiger” Bonilla, the Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) and Chancellery they claim that they have not received any requests.

Melvin duarte, spokesperson for Power of attorney, declared to THE HERALD that “according to verification, it has not been received in the presidency (of the CSJ) application for ‘El Tigre’ Bonilla ”.

The complaint of the give is that “the government of Honduras has not extradited Mario Cálix Hernández, Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladares nor to Arnaldo Urbina Soto ”. These co-conspirators of “Tony” Hernández, including, his cousin Mauricio Hernández Pineda, Cálix Hernández, Bonilla Valladares, Arnaldo Urbina Soto, Carlos Fernando Urbina Soto and Miguel Ángel Urbina Soto, are also accused of crimes related to firearms and drug trafficking.

THE HERALD he consulted the Minister of Foreign Affairs yesterday, Lisandro Rosales placeholder image, on whether any extradition request has arrived for “The Tiger” Bonilla on the part of the United States government and answered “no”.

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In the case of Urbina Soto, his extradition was declared appropriate but is deferred because he is serving a sentence in Honduras for other crimes, he explained. Duarte.

Once the former mayor of Yoro serves his sentence, if the United States authorities still require it, his extradition would be executed in compliance with the legal provisions.

In the case of Cálix Hernández, there is already a designated judge, but his whereabouts are unknown, at some point there was heard of his voluntary surrender to the United States. This is an unconfirmed extreme, who can make it known are the US authorities themselves.

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