Journalists to the psychiatrist, criticism of the Court and a response to Carrió: the outstanding phrases of a fiery report by Alberto Fernández


On the last day of the year, President Alberto Fernández gave a report to journalist Gustavo Sylvestre in Radio 10 in which he addressed various topics and especially criticized the Supreme Court for its intervention in the case of Amado Boudou, who must serve his sentence for the Ciccone case in jail.

The head of state acknowledged that the expropriation of Vicentin was a mistake, praised Roberto Lavagna despite his criticism, answered Elisa Carrió and even stated that the former prosecutor Alberto Nisman committed suicide.

In addition, he was angry with certain journalists to whom he recommended that they go to the therapist.

In this note, a review of your most important phrases.

Increase in coronavirus cases

If we see that the situation does not ease and the loosening continues, we will see how the security forces begin to act in the street to dispel people and prevent crowds “.

“I wanted to have a meeting with Axel and Horacio so that we can review together and see what we do for the future. We made the decision to meet again next week. Follow up, let the 31 pass and recommend to everyone that the problem is not over ”.

“We managed to get 300,000 vaccines sent to us in December, not 10,000 vaccines, to vaccinate medical personnel. And all I hear is that they question the technical quality of a vaccine that was developed in an institute with several Nobel laureates, an institute that was consulted by Astrazeneca to improve its vaccine. I don’t understand why they are so harsh on the Gamaleya vaccine, which they purposely call the Russian vaccine to stigmatize it. “

“The ANMAT has the same qualification as the FDA of the United States and what the ANMAT says is a holy word, no one doubts whether what it says is correct.”

“There is a vaccine that must be subjected to 70 degrees below zero, which has logistical problems of extremely complicated transfers, whose makers ask for so many preventions to guarantee immunity to the failure of the vaccine and that is the vaccine that they require me to bring and that I would bring delighted, but it is not for me that they do not come. It does not come because of the demands of those who make it ”.

Criticisms of Roberto Lavagna

“I spoke with Lavagna at Christmas, I always take his criticisms well, I know they are criticisms of an honest man who knows. I don’t necessarily share them, that’s something else. I hope I can do it soon so I can chat ”.

“More than criticizing the economy, he proposed objectives, and on those objectives we do not disagree very much.”

“Listening to Roberto is always very valuable. I make a difference between him and the deputies who claim to represent them, where I see a different behavior, more obstructionist, more competitive, where sometimes there is opposition from the opposition itself ”.

“Who would not want a man like Roberto Lavagna in the Government? He is a man of enormous value. He has expressed his will not to return to public service ”.

Alberto Fernández praised Lavagna, but criticized his deputies
Alberto Fernández praised Lavagna, but criticized his deputies


“In the Vicentin case we could have been wrong”

“We needed everyone’s contest of wills, but it was us against an entire people, against an entire economic sector that defended it, which was the countryside.”

“To do it in that context was to save the lives of those who had generated the Vicentin crisis. If we had all agreed, the State would have been able to take charge and specify the possibility of having a witness company ”.

“They all turned against us: the producers said they were going to stop sending cereals. Were we going to save the Nardelli and company? I felt like a fool. I’m going to end up being Santa Claus to these people. That made me back down ”.

“Now they long for the possibility of the State to intervene, but now they have allowed everything to be destroyed and what was left to flee. These are lessons learned by society, which sometimes gets carried away by the flags ”.

Journalists to the psychiatrist

– “I think there is crazy journalism, they need therapists to get rid of the hatred they have on top of them. There is a journalism that responds to interests. Little by little people are discovering that journalism ”.

– “There is a journalism that should be seriously rethought. The only thing it does is provoke discouragement with Argentines because of the hatred they have for Cristina, Peronism and me … and they say things that don’t make sense ”.

– “This vocation to wreck Argentina needs a psychiatrist to attend to these journalists so that they understand that they live in a society that needs them to stop dividing us.”.

The Court and the sentence of Boudou

– “The judges who sentenced Boudou do not have the same speed to investigate Macri and his pupils.”

– “Boudou was a vice president who is being charged with very serious crimes against the public administration and against public morality. When the Supreme Court had to hear the case, it rejected it with a childish argument. There is a shameful article in the Civil Code that indicates that the Court with the sole invocation of that article can reject an appeal that comes to it and does not have to explain why it does so ”.

– “Now it turns out that two unknown judges who request a transfer generate a mobilization of the entire Justice and a per saltum, which is an absolutely exceptional resource … And the Court ended with a shameful ruling on the transfer of judges” (By Bruglia and Bertuzzi)

– “The question I ask myself is: how does Justice act? How could he have seen institutional urgency and gravity in the case of unknown judges who I do not know published articles, published books, a class at the university? And the sentence of a Vice President of the Nation to more than five years in prison should not be the object of the Court’s attention? Eleven extraordinary appeals presented by the former President of the Nation should not be the object of care and attention from the Court?

– “This Justice does not work like that and I’m sorry that it is so emphatic. That Justice in this way does not work. It doesn’t do justice. It fulfills the wishes of the powers that be ”.

– “I am obsessed so that Justice works and of course I am going to act.”

Carrió said that the government seeks to poison the population with the Russian vaccine.  Fernández answered him
Carrió said that the government seeks to poison the population with the Russian vaccine. Fernández answered him

Carrió’s statements about the Russian vaccine and the poisoning complaint

– “What Carrió says seems very unserious to me and people realize it by now”

– “Is putting a vaccine poisoning? Poisoning could have meant losing millions of vaccines from the previous government “

– “I don’t know with what face they speak, I don’t understand them.”

The Nisman case

“I am convinced that it was a suicide after doubting it a lot”

The full report

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