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José Juan Macías directs his departure from Chivas next summer

The Chivas board of directors sees the possibility of getting money with the sale of Macías, to settle debts and strengthen the team

Everything is set for José Juan Macías to leave the Chivas team at the end of this season and fulfill his dream of going to play soccer in Europe, for which work is being done on this issue, in order to finalize its transfer in the summer pass market.

The herd’s board of directors sees the possibility of getting fresh money with its hypothetical sale, to pay off some debts and seek reinforcements for Closing 2021.

What’s more, there are attitudes of José Juan Macías that have not pleased the interior of the institution and this would be a catalyst to seek accommodation on the other hand, because they feel that this has diminished the atmosphere in the group.

Added to that, The board of directors headed by Amaury Vergara knows that time is running against him because, with each passing semester, the possibility that “JJ’s” contract will expire approaches and assert your rights as a footballer to go to Europe for free. Macías has a contract termination clause of 15 million dollars, however, in the Rebaño they are willing to negotiate to let him out.

José Juan Macías will go to the bench again in the match of Matchday 14 of Liga MX, when Chivas visit Cruz Azul. The one who will miss the match will be Hiram Mier, as he will stay in Guadalajara to work on the physical aspect, as he is not one hundred percent after the injury he suffered in the match against Pumas.

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