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Jorge Yunda faces third request for removal

Monica Mosquera, representative of Quito in Action collective, asked to leave mayor Jorge YundaIn addition, he pointed out that all the management of the municipal administration be reviewed. “We do not want a mayor with a shackle”, emphasized the official.

With this announcement, the mayor accumulates the third request for removal against him. The first was sent on Tuesday, April 20, by Marcelo Hallo from the Quito Unido collective.

According to the complainants, this third request includes 500 signatures of citizens who support the petition against the mayor of Quito.

For his part, the second was entered by Carolina Moreno from the Front of Professional for the Dignity of Quito. The complaint was filed for three reasons.

The mayor is charged and is under precautionary measures as an alleged mediate perpetrator for the acquisition of 100,000 covid-19 tests last year, along with six other officials and public servants as alleged co-authors.

Crucial day for Yunda

While the preparatory hearing for the trial against Jorge Yunda and 13 others allegeds responsible for embezzlement, the meeting of the Metropolitan Council will also take place.

In the latter, 21 councilors will decide who of them will be the fourth member of the Committee for Table Now. This instance is in charge of processing the removal.

The Table Commission will receive the evidence of the complainants and Yunda. There, a report will be prepared that will contain a recommendation on the Mayor’s emotion or the case file.

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