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Jorge Lanata and the Russian vaccine: “The K manipulated the Anmat as they did with the Indec”

Lanata has been installed in Uruguay for months and would only do radio again in February

Journalist Jorge Lanata reappeared on his show Radio Miter to make a public complaint. As he revealed, for two days the ultrakirchnerist groups have been making a dirty campaign against him because he had supposedly said that the government was not going to vaccinate people in December, which did not happen: yesterday, Tuesday, December 29, The vaccination campaign for health personnel officially began.

The K are cheeky and with the vaccine it is terrible how they are handling it. I said something that I still maintain: vaccines are given when they are authorized by the countries that make them and Russia still today has not finished Phase 3”, Explained the journalist in a brief contact with the panelists of his radio program while warning about the manipulation of the Anmat as it was done with the Indec during the government of Crisitna Kirchner.

Lanata said that in Argentina a vaccine is being given that only has the authorization of the Anmat. “It was not authorized by the FDA because Russia does not present it, nor was it authorized by the European Commission and the countries where it is being applied are Russia and Biolorusia, which have no other option.”, He emphasized.

Health personnel began to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus
Health personnel began to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus

To justify his position, he added: “Why don’t I think it’s not a serious vaccine? In principle for something objective: See if Russia authorized it and finished the entire experimentation phase. The answer is no. It’s funny that they say this to transform something that is a total failure into a political success, which was how they handled the administration of the pandemic, the quarantine. “

“To try to justify that failure they are trying to achieve success in this and it is really not serious. I had, every time I ask myself if he would give me the Russian vaccine, a kind attitude towards the Government regarding this. It seems to me that in public health there is no need to fuck. I always said that I would get the vaccine because vaccines have no ideology, but vaccines have to be finished and not be half vaccines ”.

As the journalist insisted, what the government is now giving health groups are unfinished vaccines. “I am not saying if it is good or bad, I am not trained for that because I am not an infectologist, but they are half vaccines, they are not whole vaccines. I swelled my balls. They look for any excuse to talk about us and in this case it’s something stupid ”.

The vaccination campaign with Sputnik began yesterday (photo: Gastón Taylor)
The vaccination campaign with Sputnik began yesterday (photo: Gastón Taylor)

I find it sad that people are deceived. To think that the Anmat is the only organism that can authorize it in the world, and beyond the fact that the Anmat is serious, I think it is the first time that the prawn has put a lot; It is going to cost you like Indec to falsify inflation”, He denounced.

“The K did something that neither the military did, they distorted the Indec, everyone believed in the Indec and the types manipulated it to pay less interest on the debt. Now the ‘Kirchnerism strikes back’ manipulated the Anmat and it is a shit that the serious institutions of the State do a ball as they are doing ”, sentenced.

“What I said and maintain is that there was no time (to start vaccinating before the end of the year), and I said it because I am a journalist and I saw how the vaccine research was in Russia. That was it. I did not say this with any intention to fuck anyone, on the contrary, I said that I would give it to me, but I would give me a full shot”He added.

Likewise, Lanata considered it important to tell people to be aware of what they are given is a vaccine in half. “I am not saying do not give it to them, give it to them but knowing that it is a vaccine in half until Russia authorizes it and there it will be a complete vaccine. Seeking to have a bit of political success in the midst of a moment of confusion, makes them have a very voluntaristic criterion and with that they do not screw up, ”he declared.

The notebook given to the vaccinated (Photo: Adrián Escandar)
The notebook given to the vaccinated (Photo: Adrián Escandar)

Regarding the increase in positive cases, Lanata warned that people met again and did not maintain prevention measures. “On the one hand you have the holidays and the end-of-year events, on the other the number of cases that is advancing, the second wave that is coming and the vaccine in half that the government tries to give, it is a complicated panorama. I think the Government would not be with streamers and horns celebrating”, He emphasized.

Finally, Lanata reiterated that she does not tell people that they should not be vaccinated because “It would be irresponsible of me to oppose a public health measure. But hopefully it doesn’t have any side effects. What it does not have is authorization from the country that made it “, he concluded.

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