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JOH is a reliable partner of the US despite drug trafficking accusations: Lisandro Rosales

Washington, EE.UU.

The Foreign Minister of Honduras, Lysandro morales, defended this Friday in Washington in an interview with Efe that his Government is a trustworthy partner for EE.UU. for his management of corruption, despite the accusations that link the president, Juan Orlando Hernández, with drug trafficking.

Rosales, who is visiting the US capital for the opening of bilateral dialogue tables with Washington, said that this trip is a continuation of the “historic relationship” that both countries have maintained.

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The Foreign Minister arrives in the US after a New York court at the end of March sentenced Juan Antonio “Tony” Hernández, the brother of the president of Honduras, to more than 30 years in prison for drug trafficking, in a ruling that He stressed that the criminal activities of the convicted person had been sponsored by the Central American nation state itself.

Question: How has the recent conviction of the president’s brother affected the relationship with the US? Does it put you at a disadvantage against the Joe Biden government?

Interviewee: It does not put us at a disadvantage, because the facts speak for themselves. In the last 10 years, we have achieved a 95% reduction in drug trafficking in Honduras. Before, in 2011, 87% of the drug passed through Honduras and I’m not saying it, says INL (the Anti-Narcotics Affairs and Law Enforcement Section), which is an agency of the State Department .

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The traces that were had in 2009 showed that 87% of the planes that brought drugs passed through Honduras; the traces presented by the Southern Command (of the US Armed Forces) last year indicated very or no aircraft activity in Honduran territory.

It is curious that, when trials are taking place in New York and it is accused that in Honduras there is no collaboration, that in Honduras there is no work being done … 1.6 tons of cocaine are being captured by the forces at that very moment. Honduran security officers accompanied by DEA agents.

So it is a disconnect from reality. What’s going on? In these cases, the main witnesses are confessed murderers who have confessed 78 deaths in Honduras, who were or had to flee the country due to the strong laws that were being put in place against drug trafficking and that the only recourse to lower their penalties is come to lie to a court in the US

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So it is a work that we will continue to do, President Hernández has been clear ‘my fight against organized crime and drug trafficking will be until my last day of government’, although he has already had four attempts to attempt on his life, that must be value it.

We must also value the fight that the organizations are making in Honduras, because the National Police, the Armed Forces and the Public Ministry have taken strong actions and will continue to take strong actions against drug trafficking.

Question and answer

Q: Do you consider that President Juan Orlando Hernández can be a valid interlocutor with the United States?

E: You have been a reliable partner, you have been a person who has shown the United States that things have been done willingly, and you have been a person who has demonstrated character and determination to work the way you want. requires, in the right way.

Q: How does President Hernández consider his relationship with the United States after the accusations?

E: That is precisely why we are here, to continue that historic relationship that we have had with the US Remember the geostrategic importance of Honduras. For us, maintaining a Honduras in peace, a Honduras free of organized crime is a conviction held by President Hernández and will continue until his last day of government, which is January 27, 2022.

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Q: This episode recalls one lived in Colombia, when former President Ernesto Samper faced accusations about contributing money from drug trafficking to his campaign. At that time, the US withdrew his visa

Q. Has the United States Government notified you of any such retaliation against President Hernández?

E: The president has not been notified of any action in this regard, the president is currently concentrating on national reconstruction, he is concentrating on continuing this fight that I am mentioning against organized crime.

There has been no official communication from the US that there is action in this regard.

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Q. What issues will you address during your visit with the US Government?

E: It is to install the work tables that we had been programming (…) They were just inaugurated with the presence of the special envoy for the Northern Triangle, Ricardo Zúñiga, this morning and we are already working on them at this time.

The five tables are migration, which is what it is at the moment, national reconstruction, hemispheric security, transparency and human rights.

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