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Joe Biden to be US President: Republicans forge a new blockade plan

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The confirmation of Joe Biden as the winner of the US election by the electorate will be read out before Congress on January 6th. Republicans sense a chance to challenge the result.

  • On January 6, Vice loses Mike Pence the winner of the, confirmed by the voters US election before the Kongress: Joe Biden.
  • Some republican smell a chance here to take action against the result of the US election in 2020.
  • Trump News: All the news on the 45th President of the USA.

Washington DC – The people of the USA to have Joe Biden elected next president. The Electoral College consisting of the electors Biden’s victory in the US election approved. But Donald Trump and some Republicans still refuse to admit it. They forge you Planhow to dispute the outcome. Vice President reads out on January 6th Mike Pence the result of the electorate before the Senate and House of Representatives. Objections can be raised against this, which according to the magazine “Politico” some republican project.

2020 US election: Republicans around Ted Cruz in the Senate want to challenge Biden’s confirmation

A total of twelve Republican senators have so far announced that they will oppose the result. Josh Hawley, who represents the state of Missouri in the Senate, started with that. After Hawley’s announcement, the Texas Senator was driving Ted Cruz continued to gather senators behind him with the same plan: with him there are eleven so far. The senators are calling for a review of the 2020 US election, otherwise they want to reject the votes of the electorate “from controversial states as not properly given and legally certified”, as “Politico” reports.

When the electoral vote confirms the election results before the US Congress, some Republicans want to object.

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This project cares for those who are already divided because of the election result Republicans for further dispute. For example, Pat Toomey, who represents the state of Pennsylvania in the Senate, reprimanded Cruz and Co. Twitter for their plans. The move to vote against electoral confirmation of the result “directly undermines” people’s right to elect their own leaders, Toomey said.

Republicans in the House of Representatives also want to vote against the result

According to “Politico” even the Republican majority leader in the Senate is Mitch McConnell, against the plan of Ted Cruz and the other eleven Republicans – even if the leadership officially does not object to the plans. But even in the House of Representatives, according to the report, 140 Republicans have indicated against the confirmation of the electorate Joe Biden as the winner of the US election 2020 to vote.

Is there a serious one Chance for Republicans to challenge the result on January 6th? Probably not, because according to “Politico” enough Republican senators have already announced that they will not support the project. And in House of Representatives the Democrats have a majority anyway. How many senators will stand behind Cruz is unclear, however, as not all have yet said how they will vote. (Ines Alberti)

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