Joe Biden said devastated by attack near US Capitol

Washington, United States.

US President Joe Biden said he was devastated after the attack near the Capitol that left an agent dead and another wounded yesterday Friday.

“Jill (his wife) and I are heartbroken after learning of the violent attack on a security checkpoint at the United States Capitol,” said the president in a statement in which he indicated that he ordered to place the flag of the White House at midnight. pole.

One policeman died and another was injured after a driver ran them over outside the security perimeter of the United States Capitol, before getting out of the car – knife in hand – and being killed, in an incident that occurred three months after the violent takeover of Congress.

The incident occurred when the suspect ran over the two officers guarding the North Barrier of the Capitol, Congressional Police Chief Yogananda Pittman said.

The suspect exited the vehicle with a knife in his hand and did not respond to the warnings made by the agents present at the scene, after which the police officers shot him.

“One of our agents succumbed to his injuries,” Pittman told a news conference. Shortly after the police force identified the deceased agent as William F. Evans and indicated that he had been in service for 18 years, the other uniformed man is stable and out of risk.

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US media reported that officials identified the attacker as Noah Green, a 25-year-old African American from Indiana, and a follower of the black nationalist movement “Nation of Islam.” They also published some excerpts from their Facebook profile, already deactivated.

Pittman said no clues are available about his motivations or police records on him.

“Doesn’t look like” terrorism

The incident “does not appear to be related to terrorism, but we have to continue investigating,” Robert Contee, the chief of the Washington Metropolitan Police, told reporters.

Green graduated from Christopher Newport University, Virginia, where he played football and earned a diploma in finance in 2019, the institution confirmed. Some of his posts online in March suggested that he had a high level of despair and paranoia.

He said he was unemployed and had health problems, and made references to biblical end-time concepts. He wrote that he had faced “unimaginable trials” and was now “in search of a spiritual journey.”

In a publication he claimed to have been tormented by the FBI and the CIA, hospitalized and subjected to “mind control”, and called the government “the number one enemy of blacks.”

He also said he was a follower of Louis Farrakhan, leader of the “Nation of Islam” movement, known for its anti-Semitism. Facebook said it had removed Green’s account from the social network, as well as from Instagram, and would remove “any content that praises, supports or represents the attack or the suspect.”

“Martyr of democracy”

Following what happened on Friday, the Capitol and adjacent buildings were closed, staff were ordered to stay away from windows, and entry or exit was prevented. Later, the authorities lifted the alert.

The leader of the House of Representatives, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, decreed that the flags of the Capitol be placed at half mast and said that the deceased police officer is “a martyr for democracy” and affirmed that Congress is ready to help the forces. of the order for a “rapid and thorough” investigation.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said he was “heartbroken” by the tragedy of the dead officer. During his appearance, Pittman asked citizens to pray for the Capitol police, “this has been an extremely difficult time for us,” he added.

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Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell lamented that “once again the brave Capitol cops were being violently attacked just for doing their job.”

This incident follows the assault on the Capitol building on January 6 by Trump supporters who wanted to disrupt the election certification. The group sought to prevent the officialization of the results of the November elections in which Biden prevailed over Trump, after the former Republican president claimed without providing evidence that there was fraud in the elections.

Five people were killed in the January incidents, including a Capitol police officer. Since then, senior security officials have warned that there is a threat from far-right groups and supporters of former President Trump.

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