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Joe Biden: Dog Major is allowed back into the White House after “biting incident”

It had been a short term. After moving into the White House at the end of January, the dogs Champ and Major had to leave the US power center at the beginning of this month. Apparently, Major had shown aggressive behavior and jumped at employees and security guards and barked at them. But now Joe Biden has declared: Major can come back. Among other things, the British BBC reports on it.

“He was not banished,” said the US president on ABC with a view of Major. Together with Champ, he was then brought back to Biden’s house in his home state of Delaware as planned. There, however, the somewhat impetuous major would now receive additional training.

Biden described the incident that caused the excitement about the animal as follows: “You turn a corner and there are two people you don’t know. They make a movement and then the dog’s protective instinct kicks in. ”The skin of the person involved was not injured. Besides, 85 percent of the people in the White House would love the dog. Biden’s spokeswoman said last week that the person had to be treated for a minor injury.

Champ has been with Biden and his wife Jill since 2008. The Bidens took the German Shepherd Major from the animal shelter in 2018. He was the first shelter dog in the White House, according to Biden’s team.

Fracture after incident with major

No “First Dogs” had lived in the White House since the end of Barack Obama’s presidency. Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, was the first U.S. president in more than a century without a dog.

It was only last year that Joe Biden had painfully felt that the three-year-old major was sometimes difficult to control: while playing with the dog, the politician sustained a small fracture on his right foot. The winner of the presidential election on November 3rd had to strap on an orthopedic boot and from then on hobbled to his appearances.

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