Joe Biden attacks Donald Trump’s blocking tactics

Joe Biden accuses Trump’s team of blocking government business. He is denied access to important documents.

  • Joe Biden engages Donald Trump again. In a speech he criticized the US presidents sharp.
  • After this Trump the US election 2020 has lost, it blocks loudly Biden the Handover.
  • Biden especially highlights the role of Pentagons emerged.

Wilmington – The chosen one US President Joe Biden hat Donald Trump again sharply criticized. He threw Trump and his government another blockade of the Handover in front. When it comes to important national security matters, his team does not get all the information necessary for a seamless transition Change of government are necessary, lamented Biden at a speech on Monday (December 28, 2020) in Wilmington.

Joe Biden: Trump administration acts irresponsibly

The blocking attitude of Trump administration designated Joe Biden as “irresponsible”. Picked up at his criticism Biden especially that Department of Defense emerged. The Pentagon put stones in the way of his team and hinder them Handover, so Biden.

Joe Biden sharply criticized Donald Trump in a speech. (Archive photo)

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Bidens Team complained several times in the past that the ministry withheld important information and deleted meetings. The Pentagon rejected the allegations.

Joe Biden, who was briefed on security policy issues with future Vice President Kamala Harris prior to his speech, also emphasized that he wanted to form his own picture of the US armed forces. He also needs access to the Defense Ministry’s budget plans, he said.

After the 2020 US election: Joe Biden criticizes Donald Trump’s blocking stance

After his defeat in the US presidential election, refuses Donald Trump vehementto acknowledge his defeat and repeatedly complain against the election result. It was only weeks after the election in early November that Trump told his administration to work with the elected US president’s team Joe Biden at. The Democrat already described this procedure as irresponsible.

In the USA is the orderly handover after the Presidential election stipulated by law to ensure a government capable of acting at all times. After Donald Trump’s handover of office, Joe Biden wants to thoroughly clean and disinfect the White House: what’s behind it. (Max Schäfer with agencies)

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