Joan Laporta is the new president of Barça and after a month in office he will experience his first Clásico with the Barça club installed in happiness.

The Barça team depends on itself to conquer LaLiga and since the arrival of the new board of directors, a change of habits has been contemplated around the Camp Nou that was not remembered at Real Madrid. But what does Florentino Pérez know?

“Laporta is uncomfortable. That is a fact. It is not only his carefree character, but, more than that, his audacity and ability” revealed ESPN Sports a directive source of the Barcelona club, where depression has given way to optimism. And to imply that Barça is not at all a club in demolition as it was understood not so many months ago.

The meeting with Mino Raiola to talk about Haaland can be presented as a theatrical coup, but it caused Laporta to return the lost image to the Barça club and the immediate reaction from Real Madrid, which took great care to filter the subsequent trip of the representative of the Norwegian to the capital to meet with the merengue club.

What in other circumstances would have probably been hidden with zeal by Florentino Pérez was this time proclaimed to the four winds as a media response to deactivate the blow of effect of his old acquaintance, who has returned to the stage in top form …

Laporta will premiere on Saturday in the Valdebebas stadium box and will receive personal congratulations, it was already produced through a mobile message, from Florentino, who with the best of his smiles remains alert for the arrival at the command of Barça de that old colleague who in his day was a prominent protagonist in his resignation.


On February 27, 2006, a day after the team led by López Caro lost (2-1) in Mallorca, Florentino Pérez threw in the towel and presented his irrevocable resignation as Merengue president. That ramshackle Barça inherited by Laporta from the disastrous time of Joan Gaspart in June 2003 had torn his Madrid Galactico to shreds.

First, in 2004, dismounting him in a league that the merengue team had in his hand at the end of February and in which he finished fourth, then conquering the title in 2005 and, finally, in November of that same year, sweeping the very same Bernabéu (0-3) with the remembered display of Ronaldinho.

“Perhaps I have rude the players when the only important thing is Real Madrid. The only culprit is me,” he acknowledged the afternoon in which he resigned, realizing that the Galacticos ended up devouring a club installed in self-satisfaction and in the that its stars did not attend to the rebellion of Barcelona.

The first years of Laporta’s presidency at the Camp Nou showed a daring and audacity that took them by surprise at the Bernabéu.

He began by snatching the signing of Ronaldinho (whom Florentino believed to have convinced to keep one more year at PSG and then take him to Madrid) with Beckham’s screen, he continued with the signing of a Samuel Eto’o whom the Merengue president despised without attending to the play between Laporta and Mateu Alemany (today Barça football director and at that time president of Mallorca) and it already became a nightmare as soon as Barça became a football reference in parallel to the Madrid fall.

Carlos Queiroz, José Antonio Camacho (who resigned after directing just six games), Wanderley Luxemburg and Juan Ramón López Caro, (with the interim presence of García Remón) managed Real Madrid during the little more than two and a half seasons that Florentino shared the presidency. Pérez and Joan Laporta, while the Barça president remained unfazed, his confidence in a Frank Rijkaard who three months after the Merengue president’s goodbye led Barça to the conquest of the Champions League and their second consecutive league.

Laporta became the worst of the nightmares of a Real Madrid that if between 1999 and 2003 it had won up to eight titles (two Champions League and two Leagues), it was not until 2007 that it won any more, when Florentino had already left.

And his second face-to-face was not exactly better, between his return in the summer of 2009 and the departure of Laporta in June 2010. It was only one season … In which, under the direction of Guardiola, Barça won a League called to be the one of the reconquest, with Cristiano Ronaldo, but it returned to be Barcelona.

Seven Clásicos faced as presidents Florentino Pérez and Joan Laporta with two victories for Real Madrid and five for a Barça that took their measure, being the biggest headache for the merengue president … That this Sunday he will receive with the best of his smiles and the greatest distrust of his old acquaintance in Valdebebas.

He knows how his rival spends them. And he has already experienced direct duels in the first person, with the League at stake, which turned into disasters.