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Jim Caviezel, the protagonist of The Passion of the Christ who disappeared from Hollywood

The American actor Jim Caviezel was the one who gave the visa to the role of Jesus of Nazareth in the movie “The Passion of the Christ” which is 17 years after its premiere.

This film is broadcast every Easter on different channels and is seen by the most religious families, despite the impact caused by its bloody scenes.

The production directed by Mel Gibson was a great success at the box office, but its protagonist did not have the same luck.

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Caviezel never again had a protagonist of such renown in any production and everything indicates that he was discarded by Hollywood.

After The Passion of the Christ, the actor was expected to continue growing and leading great roles, however, there are few roles that he has handled.

It was seen in the Person of Interest series, as well as in occasional religious-themed movies.

The actor is openly Catholic and has not been averse to talking about his faith.

Jim Caviezel rejected in the industry

It was 2011 when Caviezel said that he had been rejected numerous times.

“You might think,” Oh, they’re going to give you a lot of work. ” But they didn’t give it to me. I disappeared from the list of studies, “he said.

At that time Gibson warned him that after his role as Jesus he would not work in Hollywood again, but he dismissed his words.

“We all have to carry our crosses,” he replied to Gibson at the time.

Active on your social networks

In the absence of the screens, Caviezel remains active on his social networks where he publishes photographs of some scenes that he stars in some productions.

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At 50, he is married to Kerri Browitt, a high school teacher whom he met in 1996 and with whom he has three adopted children of Asian origin.

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