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Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-partner: Ghislaine Maxwell fails again with a bail application

Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-partner remains in jail. Ghislaine Maxwell, who wanted to deposit $ 28.5 million in bail for her release before the trial, was still “in danger of fleeing,” ruled New York judge Alison Nathan. The criminal offenses, the burden of proof and the background of the accused are also fundamental for the decision.

59-year-old Maxwell was arrested in the US state of New Hampshire in early July. She is charged with six charges, including seducing minors to engage in illegal sex acts and perjury. The charges relating to the years 1994 to 1997 carry maximum sentences of five to ten years in prison. In mid-July, however, Maxwell denied aid and pleaded “not guilty”.

Nathan had already turned down two similar proposals from Maxwell in July and August; she had requested bail and transfer from solitary confinement. Maxwell said she wanted to stay in New York to prove her innocence. In addition, her lawyers criticized the detention conditions, according to which Maxwell would be woken up every 15 minutes to make sure that she was still breathing.

Her ex-partner Jeffrey Epstein allegedly abused dozens of minors and forced them into prostitution. In 2008, he escaped federal trial on the matter by entering into a deal with the prosecutor. Epstein then pleaded partly guilty and received a mild prison sentence. In 2019 he was tried again in New York and shortly afterwards committed suicide in a prison cell.

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