Commemorating the start of Easter Jeep Safari, the off-road brand par excellence, in collaboration with the company Electrify America They created the Jeep 4xe cargo net. Which will be made up of 35 charging stations, mainly intended for brand vehicles that demand it and that obviously have the technology.

They will be strategically placed on roads that belong to the historic Jeep routes on American soil. The first six stations will begin service this spring. These six charging points will be the following: Big Bear (California), Moab (Utah) y Pollock Pines (California).

The rest of the stations will be operating in their entirety by the end of the present. Having thus the 35 operating before starting the 2022.

The recharging capacity that these chargers will have is Level 2That’s 240 volts and they will be able to charge 100% of a Jeep Wrangler’s 17 kWh battery in around two hours. In some cases the stations will be powered by electricity and others will equip solar panels to generate electricity.

In Motorpasión Mexico

The name “Cherokee” of Jeep in the end yes it could disappear after the request of the homonymous tribe

The news Jeep 4xe, a network of 35 charging stations on North America’s most iconic off-road routes was originally published in Motorpasión Mexico by Raúl Silva.

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