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Jeans: This is how they are worn by those who know most about fashion in 2021

As normalcy returns los jeans They have become the perfect ally for any style. In 2021, the streets of the main cities of fashion have begun to be lit with the best looks, and if there is something that was a lesson during the pandemic, it is undoubtedly the desire to dress up and take the best clothes out of the closet. Video calls are still part of the day to day to update us, and there is no better garment to wear to match an impact top than one by fashion jeans.

Yes OK, los jeans they are totally neutral when combining to create an outfit, international catwalks have begun to incorporate them as part of the seasonal essentials and now, more than ever, jeans are the garment par excellence. Valentino and Pierpaolo Piccioli anticipated it with their spring-summer 2021 collection, with which they announced a special collaboration with Levi’s. Miu Miu, on the other hand, also announced through her social networks that she will have a drop with the famous brand of denim, a series of jeans with a rejuvenating and stylizing effect.

With interesting creative dumbbells and concept vintage each time rumbling more, jeans won’t go anywhere in a long time and that is why it is better to know how to wear them during 2021.

Straight jeans

There is no better combination of garments than that of some jeans, top and blazer. Undoubtedly one of the classic styles that always get you out of any trouble because it is completely versatile. When it comes to comfort, including a pair of classic tennis shoes is the answer; However, to look totally stylized, just add a few pumps in neutral tone.

Mom jeans

The contrast between knitwear and the stiffness of the denim fabric creates visual compatibility. And it is that although this is simple outfit, it is ideal to combine with accessories chunky and a bag that deserves the spotlight full. The street style has given us different samples of how to take this style to another level with mom jeans without the need to fully charge it.

Baggy jeans

Collars being the latest fashion trend, they have proven that together with los jeans they make an exceptional couple. The idea of combinar baggy jeans With a top that includes an XXL collar, it makes the dimensions take on a certain visual value without falling into monotony. In a way, incorporating a slightly larger neckline – in the style of Miu Miu Resort 2020 or Rentrayage autumn-winter 2021 – with fashionable jeans, unleashes that aesthetic girly, but at the same time creates impact.

Baggy jeans en total denim

The fun of the denim it is certainly being able to play with its tones. Although initially the denim It was indigo blue, over the years that shade has been modified with different treatments. The wide range of blues has pushed combine the same denim and create unique outfits, especially when they include flared pants, another of the jeans that you must have in your closet.

Jeans cropped

All the muses of style have proven that this set is timeless. While the trench coats They are a closet staple just like the jeans. The style is not only casual, it also combines a certain glamor bourgeoisie seventies. This is how Hedi Slimane has shown him with his authentic Celine, who in addition to bringing ideal garments to wear on a day-to-day basis, has given lessons in styling – among them, how to wear the trench coat matching fashion jeans with tennis and T-shirt– through their campaigns and catwalks. And if all this were not enough, for short women, cropped jeans are your best allies.

Straight jeans in black

White jackets are also an essential in the closet because in addition to meeting the basic requirement of combining with any garment, with jeans this takes absolute force. The best way to wear it is to match some straight jeans and black boots. So not only the figure is stylized, it is also a good way to look totally effortless but with style.

Boyfriend jeans

There are endless ways to achieve an androgynous look without so much effort and one of them is by including a slightly oversized with some boyfriend jeans. It is outfit meets the requirement of being comfortable and at the same time in trend. Including loafers and a knitted sweater is like adding points to the look.

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