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Jealous murder for love of elves – Roland L. wept bitter tears in court

Munich – The “Elder Scrolls” murder trial at the Munich Regional Court: More and more details about the couple’s relationship are known.

The happiness of the two only sparkled superficially: Roland L. (37) and his Evi-Maria († 38) lived in the best area in Munich-Nymphenburg.

The two married in 2018, he took her last name and moved into their condominium. They even looked for a bigger place to stay because they talked about children. Evi-Maria is now dead, Roland is in the dock.

Evi-Maria L. met another man

Evi-Maria L. was a fan of the online game “The Elder Scrolls Online”. It is about a fantasy world in which protagonists such as elves and wizards fight alone or in groups against monsters, undead and demons.

Evi-Maria L. played the character of a warrior there – and got to know a teammate with whom she started talking via WhatsApp from summer 2020. At first it was only neutral messages, later the chats became more suggestive. They wrote about sexual preferences, prosecutors said. Evi-Maria also sent the newcomer nude pictures, had chat sex with him.

Roland L. noticed that his wife was getting messages on her cell phone all the time. When she was sitting on the couch in October 2020, he took her cell phone, entered her PIN and discovered the sex messages. He confronted Evi-Maria, but she just said harshly: “Leave me alone.” The IT consultant went nuts!

The brutal act

Roland L. got a knife from the kitchen and attacked his wife. He stabbed her at least twelve times, on the head, neck and chest. Until the blade was bent. Then he let her lie. Evi-Maria choked on her own blood.

L. rolled the corpse into a carpet, wanted to dispose of it. When he realized that it wasn’t working, he drove to his mother, told her about the crime – and then turned himself in at the Neuhausen police station that night.

Now he is being tried for insidious murders.

There were problems

In the negotiation it came out: Evi-Maria L. was apparently addicted to gambling. Roland L. testified: “She only played ‘Elder Scrolls’ from now on. A normal conversation about everyday life was no longer possible. ”

In addition, Evi-Maria L. is said to have treated her husband very disparagingly. A neighbor: “She was intellectually and financially superior to him, made him feel that too.”

Roland L. had lost almost 500,000 euros because of the Wirecard crash. His wife was a millionaire who inherited well after the death of her parents and sister. The neighbor: “Roland always tried to make something better out of himself in order to belong in the upper class.”

Tears in court

Roland L. wept bitterly in court. His life is destroyed. His mother visits him once a month in the prison, and his friends are still with him.

His defense lawyer Michael Adams: “He cannot explain the act to himself and regrets it deeply.” The lawyer speaks of a short-circuit reaction that was disproportionate to the previous history

Because there was never a real meeting between Evi-Maria L. and the rival. “They only had contact via messages.” Roland L. faces life imprisonment.

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