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Jaramillo ignored Mayra Jaime’s criticism

The return of Alejandra Jaramillo to the small screen has already happened, despite the strong criticism of the presenter Mayra Jaime about her two-month hiatus in her mourning for the death of Efraín Ruales. La Caramelo returned to “In Touch” with a clear speech of thanks: “I want to start by thanking you, because I think there could not be another word in my heart that is not gratitude for so much love, so much affection, before so many messages of empathy and solidarity. People who, without knowing me, were there… thank you with all my heart ”.

Between reflections and an exemplary calm, Alejandra continued: “I could feel the influence of a great, wonderful man who touched my life, and who also touched your life … and if I’m super honest, return here to the place where flirtation began, where the glances began, our dreams flew, where our relationship began, definitely, it is not easy … I understood that healing comes from within. It is a very subtle, but radical decision that gives a change to that approach to pain… only I know this personal transformation process that I have lived… if we seek God, anything is possible ”.

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Although there was no specific reference to Mayra, Jaramillo had already taken her Instagram profile to make her opinion clear regarding these negative comments about her grieving process. Within two months of Ruales’s death, Caramelo suggested: “Empathy happens when your pain is in my heart. Thanks to all those who have practiced empathy not only with me, but with any human being who may be struggling with any difficulty … I will walk to my times and with my own decisions, the rest I carry inside. Let us love more, let us judge less ”.

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Alejandra Jaramillo was criticized by Mayra Jaime

A few days ago, the presenter Mayra Jaime spoke on her program about Alejandra’s return to the screen of “In Touch”, after her absence for two months, claiming that she did not want to be judged because she did not know what she was talking about because she also had her experience. “My two grandparents died while in the same program and I continued with the work …”, said the entertainer.

His partner Tábata Gálvez replies “They couldn’t make a show with the death of your grandparents because they weren’t on the screen”, to which Mayra concluded: “I’m talking about internal feeling, as a person you get up, I cried, I crawled, all because my grandfather is my grandfather ”.

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There are those who expected Alejandra to respond more directly in defense of these “attacks”; however, his message was clear about his internal process, and he had more words of thanks than strength to address the harsh criticism.


Alejandra Jaramillo publishes an emotional message on Instagram

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