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Janelly Farías, from América Femenil, recriminates comments to Carlos Salcedo

The América Femenil player disqualified the Mexican team for using femininity to mock or insult each other between men

Janelly Farías, defender of América Femenil, responded to the comment of Carlos Salcedo, defender of Tigres, about the way soccer is played in Liga MX, this after the ‘Titan’ was sent off for a double yellow.

Farías, who is a benchmark for the Eagles in the rear and has 13 games played in this Guard1anes 2021, disqualified the Mexican team for “using ‘femininity’ to mock and insult each other Men have to stop and it is part of the problem we have in our society. ‘Game of Barbies’ or ‘Game of Women’ in this context is the same ”, wrote the Mexican-American.

And it is that the ‘Titan’ wrote on his Twitter account the complaint about the expulsion he suffered in the game against America this Saturday, in addition to accompanying his words with a video of when he was at Eintracht Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga.

“Barbie game. In football there is contact… ”, he wrote in a first tweet. Then he said “This is soccer… good night. Bye, Twitter ”, while he posted the video of a game in which he participated in the German league and where he maintains contact with a rival striker in his area, which is not indicated as a foul.

Similarly, Janelly, 31, added that it is those comments that her colleagues have endured for many years and made it clear that in her category there is still contact and there is no need for differences between genders.

“It is enough to see a couple of league games to realize that in women’s football there is a lot of contact and the intensity does not go through being a man or a woman,” he said.

“What for some are casual comments for us have been barriers all our lives. On the road to inclusion and equality, we are all part of the solution and women’s soccer still needs a lot of support and awareness from all parties involved, ”concluded the Águilas player.

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