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Jambulat Chatochow is dead: The “fatest child in the world” dies at 21 – News Abroad

When he was born, he still weighed in at normal weight: the little jambulate Chatochow weighed just under 2900 grams when he saw the light of day in September 1999. But from then on things developed rapidly: at four Chatokow weighed as much as a 15-year-old, at six it was almost 100 kilos. Now the “fatest child in the world” is dead. Messages According to him, he died of kidney failure when he was only 21 years old.

Chatokov, who lived in Terek (located in Russia between the Black and Caspian Seas on the border with Georgia), began to use his incredible body mass and strength at an early age: He took part in sumo wrestling competitions or competed in successful arm wrestling contests . Since 2003, the World Record Academy has listed him as the “fatest child in the world”.

At the age of four, Chatokov (right) already weighed 56 kilos

At the age of four, Chatokov (right) already weighed 56 kilosFoto: picture alliance/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Various doctors puzzled until the end about his rapid weight gain. The London doctor Ian Campbell had already warned in 2009 – Chatochow was just 10 -: “Jambulate’s health is terrible. With his weight, he has an increased risk of diabetes, cancer and heart disease. “

His mother Nelya, a nurse, defended herself against accusations that she did not care about her son’s health: “It just grows – upwards and in width. What should I do? That’s how he is, that’s how God created him. “

According to his mother's statement, “Jambik” is said to have eaten normal portions

According to his mother’s statement, Jambulat is said to have eaten normal portionsFoto: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS

The suspicion that she had helped Jambulat to grow enormously with anabolic steroids was vehemently denied over and over again: “Take a look at his medical records. Do you think I gave him steroids when I was two months old? Do people think I’m a murderer? I love my son, I wouldn’t do anything to him that could endanger his health. “

Most recently Chatokov weighed well over 200 kilos

Most recently Chatokov weighed well over 200 kilosPhoto: @ big_hatoho / Instagram

According to their statement, Russian doctors had also ruled out a genetic defect – all that remained was the food. But even at the table, Jambulat did not come out exceptionally well. “He eats normal portions, just like his brother.”

And so she celebrated her son publicly: “He likes to show people how strong he is. He’s a kind of superhero, a giant who can take care of everyone and protect everyone. He likes to carry his brother and me around. “

Their hope that Jambulate would lead a long and healthy life has now tragically ended. The president of his sumo and wrestling federation, Betal Gubschew, stated: “The first sumo wrestler from Kabardino-Balkaria has passed away. My thoughts are with his family and friends. “

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