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Jalisco: Ship sinks in Puerto Vallarta

The cruise ship sank with 60 people on board. Photo: Getty

An accident in Jalisco went viral on social networks, as they circulated videos and photos of how a small cruise ship sank in Vallarta Port with 60 persons on board, who had to be rescued.

A very strong moon, very strong winds, tourism at all times. Thank you, holy father, for allowing me to arrive safely with my clients, my crew and my boat, unfortunate what happened to my colleagues.

Posted by Squalo Vargas on Thursday, December 31, 2020

During the early hours of Saturday, the hashtag #PuertoVallarta positioned itself in national trends. Users shared the images of the sunken ship, where it is also seen how other small boats helped to rescue about 60 people, who were allegedly having a party on board the ship.

Social media users immediately compared, as a joke, this sunken ship with the famous Titanic after making the video viral.

The ship, named “Canuwa”, it sank in a traditional way; that is to say, first submerging the bow and then the stern. In the images, it is observed how the passengers struggle to remain standing in the last afloat end of the boat.

The unfortunate tourists had to swim and lose on the spot personal items and electronic equipment, such as cameras and cell phones.

What is known about the sunken ship in Puerto Vallarta?

The events took place in Quimixto beach, where national and foreign tourists were assisted by other boats on December 31, while they celebrated a party on board the boat.

When the ship was at about 400 meters offshore from the beach, the choppy sea caused a wave to hit it and the water will enter the machine room, which caused it to begin to sink.

A group of boats that was in the surroundings came to the rescue of the crew, who boarded to be taken ashore.

The State Unit of Jalisco Civil Protection and Firefighters (UEPCBJ) ireported that a tourist boat sank in Puerto Vallarta with almost 60 people on board, all rescued without injury.

Jalisco has taken severe measures and restrictions on various lines of business due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 infections, Therefore, he pointed out, this event will be investigated further.

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