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Jaguar F-Type test: With four you have fun too!

Jaguar F-Type test: With four you have fun too!

Repeat with me: four-cylinder in a sports car is not heresy. Not in current times or with the technology that currently exists. And to show this Jaguar F-Type that continues to bet on a block of four supercharged pistons from which it is capable of extracting 300 HP. The most purists will look the other way, but with the specification sheet in hand, this feline is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.7 seconds, which is not bad at all. It will not be so bad when one in two buyers of this Jaguar chooses this mechanic, and we have checked it in our four-cylinder Jaguar F-Type test.

The good thing is that F-Type it continues to impress whatever engine you hide under the hood. Its aesthetics attracts glances wherever it goes: the front is very aggressive, with an infinite hood that falls towards the front, escorted by two large sharp headlights and presided over by a large central grille with the menacing logo of the feline inside. It’s stylish and athletic alike, a formula that Jaguar officials have polished so well over the years. The British flavor that their lines exude is indisputable …

In the rear there are no stridencies either: no ailerons or elements that muddy the fluidity of the roof drop on the pilots. The exhaust outlet in the center puts you on the track in no time, as all four exhausts are unique to the eight-cylinder V-engine.

I sneak inside. Everything in here sounds familiar to me. Jaguar It has not updated much of this interior that, despite its years, continues to stand out for its quality of materials and adjustments. So many years after its release, I recognize that the interior del Jaguar F-Type has aged well. I can not say the same about the infotainment system, which, although it is now more intuitive, it looks very veteran. But overall, everything looks and feels solid, and you won’t hear a single creak on your travels. There’s not a lot of space, let’s face it, but its premium power-adjustable seats are so comfortable that you quickly forget about the small space in the cabin (visibility isn’t its strong suit either).

The time has come to give life to the smallest block that has entered a Jaguar F-Type. I press the button and the sound that reaches my ears brings out a small (and slight) smile. The brand’s engineers have worked hard to have an exciting and inconspicuous snore despite offering such a modest block. To make your driving as pleasant as possible there are some systems that help you: 360 camera, autonomous emergency braking, lane departure warning, lane keeping assistant, sign recognition, adaptive speed limit, driver status monitoring … It is not up to date, but you are not going to miss great things either.

Lever to the D and accelerate without fuss. The F-Type shuffles a bit before it picks up speed with astonishing ease. To give you an idea, and compared to the previous 340 hp 3.0 V6 it is only three tenths slower in 0-100 and has a top speed disadvantage of 11 km / h. And add to that the lower consumption and emissions: it seems that the play has not gone too bad for the British firm (as much as it is not cool to say that your sports car only rides a four-cylinder).

I start looking for the tickles to this brit with the certainty that those 300 CV They are not going to put me in too much trouble either. The rear does not move unless you reach for it freely and the pulling power with those huge tires on the rear axle invite you to accelerate earlier than normal out of corners. The motor responds forcefully to the demands of the right foot and stretches hard as you reach for the red line without a drop in performance as you approach it. They are only 300 hp, but they are not shy at all. Only in the lower zone of the lap counter will you notice a small and annoying lag between when you step on the accelerator and the block gains speed, but that only happens when you are driving below 1,800 laps. Let’s say it lacks a bit of a kick start, but makes up for it starting at 4,000 rpm with good final springiness.

The Quickshift eight-speed automatic transmission it does its job well: in auto mode, and with the Dynamic program activated, it knows how to stretch the moment of the jump into a higher gear and does not perform badly in downshifts either. And if you are looking for more control, the paddles are waiting for you to decide when to shift, even if you don’t expect the behavior of a Porsche PDK gearbox. But it convinces, the same as its engine and the tuning of the chassis.

And this F-Type, even with four cylinders, is as balanced as it is fun.

My opinion

Outside complexes, the F-Type with this four-cylinder block is fast enough for you to have a great time pushing its limits. It is not as precise as a Porsche 911 or as intense as a BMW M4, but its price is also its appeal.

Mario Herráez April 10, 2021 – 09:45 a.m.

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