Ivanka Trump takes a selfie with Donald Trump – then you make a serious mistake

Ivanka Trump wants to support her father Donald Trump and the Republicans in the Senatorial election in the US state of Georgia. When you tweet, you make a serious mistake.

  • Ivanka Trump supports her father Donald Trump and the Republicans campaigning in Georgia.
  • She wants to share a selfie and accidentally marks the musician „Meat Loaf“.
  • Ivanka Trump and the president of USA earn ridicule on the Internet.

Washington – Before the important Senatorial election in the US state of Georgia, the family of US-Präsident Donald Trump on the way to the southern state. That did not go entirely without a glitch. Also Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of the outgoing President of the United States, made her way to Georgia to strengthen the Republican base. The Georgia election determines the future voting balance in the Senate.

Before leaving for Georgia, Ivanka Trump took a selfie with her father, which she published on Twitter. Then the faux pas happened. In the post she tagged the American rock singer „Meat Loaf“ instead of Donald Trumps. The Trumps received a wave of ridicule and word jokes on the social network. The Georgia election was forgotten for now. „Meat loaf“ means translated Meatball or Hackbraten.

“Fleischklops”: Users suspect Ivanka Trump’s mistake was a secret nickname for Donald Trump

A user of the short message service suspected that Meatball Ivanka’s new secret nickname for her father is Donald.

Another user referred to the error Ivanka Trumps as the best event so far in 2021. For another commentator, the marker is from „Meat Loaf“ instead of Donald Trumps typical Trump behavior. Also criticism of Trump as president followed: A meatball would have been a better president, according to a tweet. By marking the singer, Ivanka Trump brings “Meat Loaf” back into the current zeitgeist, suspects the American author and TV producer Dan Hernandez.

Album “Bat out of Hell”: Twitter user suspects Ivanka Trump to flee after handing over office

Ivanka Trump thought of the rock musician because they passed the US presidency to the elected President Joe Biden with her husband Jared Kushner want to run away like a bat from hell, it says in another tweet. This is a reference to the singer’s album “Bat out of Hell”, which was released in 1977.

The rock musician and actor “Meat Loaf” has not yet commented on the marking in the picture of Ivanka Trump, reports the US music magazine “Billboard”. However, the singer published his latest tweet in April 2019. So it is questionable whether he is about to raise the meatball debate Ivanka und Donald Trump even noticed. (Max Schäfer)

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