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Ivan Okhlobystin: “We don’t need enemies, we have Channel One. This is where the maximum harm to the nation is. “

As a father of six children, a priest and just a sane person, Ivan Okhlobystin is sometimes shocked by what he watches on TV and on the Internet. Fortunately, the actor does not have much time for the news agenda – shooting, writing books, scripts, a large family … He also rarely communicates with journalists. But, if he agrees to talk, he speaks openly on any topic. He often speaks out categorically, emotionally, but, which is nice, he never takes back the words, as his colleagues like to do. The first part of the interview is already on our website.

– You are probably one of the few artists who find it difficult, in principle, to get through directly …

Ivan Okhlobystin: On the one hand, this is a problem, on the other hand, if a person needs it, he will find it. I change my phone number often to avoid meaningless calls. Thus, I am avoiding responsibility. From various questions on the go, like “tell me what you think about Anastasia Volochkova” … But I don’t know! I think she is a wonderful woman. Who am I to think about something else and talk about the girl.

– To comment – do not comment, it means, but surely follow what is going on in our “terrarium”?

Ivan Okhlobystin: Yes, now look at any summary, so there in the first places who killed whom and ate. Some kind of flood, even a pity to waste time. Sobchak did not watch the widely discussed interview with the maniac for reasons of civil order. Why popularize a dude who tortured two defenseless girls ?! Such a beast should not have been released anywhere, it had to be shot. And then he came out, and he also earns money on this. Absolutely immoral, even though I’m not a moralist.

– What do you watch on the Web or on YouTube when you have time?

Ivan Okhlobystin: I am not interested in much, I am self-sufficient. I like it, for example, when some kind of directed knowledge is broadcast. Here is the Bad Comedian channel I love. He also touched me, but no matter how he criticized, I am pleased. Because he does it by watching a movie, analyzing, having his own opinion. It never goes to the level of deep insult, does not hurt my pride. It happens that the eye also stops at some technical innovations. And so I subdued my interest in streaming information – there is too much of it for one lifetime.

“You probably don’t like a TV set either?”

Ivan Okhlobystin: What is there to watch? Sometimes I turn on TNT when they show me there. In this case, not to admire, but to check – did you disgrace yourself? I am ashamed to watch the first channel, the second too. Frankly, I would shut them down to hell. I have such a negative attitude towards them. They did everything that could be done harmful to educate the nation. We don’t need enemies, we have Channel One. NTV is also not mine, STS is films bought by blocks. Without judgment, I understand that people should work for different audiences. It makes no sense for me to judge this.

– Recently you were credited with buying Gazprom shares and contributing to the closure of Dom-2. I read your reaction to this news …

Ivan Okhlobystin: Yes, then I agreed with everything. Although, of course, they lied. But really, where is this dog show? I understand the guys and girls who go to this program. A kind of social lift, through which they want to get out of poverty. I can’t blame them for this, because I don’t know who has what kind of personal situation. I also understand those who came up with and made such a program. But it is not very correct to parasitize on trouble and on illness. And they twist because of this. But it should have been closed for a long time, because, guys, we are what we eat.

– But, you know, he comes back on another TV channel – Yu.

Ivan Okhlobystin: Yes, the TV channel there is so sour that only maniac maniacs, masturbators, who are used to watching the box from morning till night, will remain in the audience! The main audience will disappear. Taking advantage of the scandal, it is understandable that it will gurgle for a while. But I think people are already tired of it all. However, it also happens that a TV in the same province is the only window into the world into which you can look without fear. People live very hard. If “DOM-2” somehow makes their everyday life easier for them, then it’s good. But before we could not believe in some things, but now it is shown openly on the central channels. And it affects people, on the psyche. The boy-girl relationship must be delicate, love is divine madness. And from this they make consumer goods, semi-finished products, GMOs.

– Why are such projects so tenacious?

Ivan Okhlobystin: We have no ideology. Everywhere is, but we do not. And this is not necessarily a belief in something, but a set of rules – starting with the fact that you cannot cross the road at a red light and ending with the fact that you need to call your parents. And inside, the concepts of healthy patriotism are already included. There should be censorship on the channel, any cannibals and perverts should not be shown. And make money with them. It is clear that they cut out a lot, but they do it to their taste, self-made, there is no common style. When you take something out, you need to stick something into the vacant place. It is necessary to shoot about heroes, about funny guys, about some crazy, youthful ones. There is always room for feat. And we have buried themselves in the scrotum and breathe, and breathe with diaper rash.

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