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Iván Núñez filed a complaint for qualified homicide after an attack in Tirúa

After the attack suffered in Tirúa, Iván Núñez raised his voice through social networks to publicize part of what he lived with the cameraman Esteban Sánchez. The workers of Televisión Nacional de Chile (TVN) had traveled to the Biobío region to interview the historic leader of the Coordinator Arauco Malleco (CAM) Hector Llaitul.

The journalist acknowledged that throughout his career he has been in different areas covering events, supported by different travel companions. Nevertheless, he had never seen one injured, until now.

According to La Tercera, Iván Núñez filed a complaint against those who are responsible for the attack, for the crime of frustrated qualified homicide.

In the document, to which the aforementioned media had access, the communicator related in great detail how the events occurred and the sensations he experienced in the hardest five minutes of his career.

The story of Iván Núñez

Iván Núñez started by commenting that in the exercise of his career, he has managed to gain the trust of his interviewees. “One of them, the Mapuche leader Héctor Llaitul.”

As he explained, they had been requesting the interview for several weeks, as part of the announcements of possible conversations with the government. The interview was scheduled for March 27 at 6:00 p.m. in Cañete.

Llaitul told them that they had “some complication to get to that place and We are to meet at the Lleu Lleu Bridge at around 6 p.m.. Once we get to that place, Llaitul tells us to keep driving for a couple more kilometers, until the San Ramón junction ”.

After the interview, the journalist and the cameraman offered to drop off the leader and his partner at their home. Until then, everything was fine.

Moments of tension

Iván Núñez revealed that they passed through a place “where, apparently, they were celebrating a birthday and Llaitul lowered the glass to say hello. We continued the road and arrived at the place where he and his partner got out of the truck. Thus, we turned around and started our march towards Cañete ”.

“When we were passing by the place where this kind of celebration was, Some people stopped us pointing out that they were very upset, since we had entered their territory without requesting authorization.. We pointed out that we had gone to interview Héctor Llaitul and that we had his authorization, but that did not alleviate their annoyance, arguing that Llaitul was from Osorno and not from there. They were very angry and even indicated that they would cross a vehicle on the road to prevent us from passing. To try to calm things down, we offered them their arguments in an interview that would take place the next day.. In that place we spoke personally with the leader Gladis Huenumán and by telephone with the leader Santos Reinao, ”he added.

After getting around the unforeseen event, the journalist and the cameraman managed to get out of there. But five minutes later, they were unexpectedly attacked.

“I felt a first bullet impact from the pilot’s side. Then a second impact that injured my arm and there they started shooting at us from all directions, both from the sides and even from the front. One of the shots from the passenger side hit Juan Esteban in the face, who began to bleed profusely. They also shot at both rear tires of the truck, preventing our escape.. Still, we managed to continue advancing while they were shooting at us. The shots lasted about five minutes and we were still advancing, so there must have been a significant number of shooters. In fact, we never stopped and we were always under fire. Esteban constantly yelled at me ‘get me out of here’, “he said in the complaint.

The attack left his companion with various injuries. “Incoming wound on the right cheek, right thoracic wound, right axillary wound, right brachial wound, right supraciliary cut, scalp cutting wound, temporarily of a serious nature.”

On the other hand, the vehicle in which they were moving, was left with a series of bullet exits. “As you can see, from the state of our vehicle, we received an enormous number of shots of all calibers and with different types of weapons. From 9mm ammunition to shotgun shots. It was a significant number of shooters that we never managed to see. There was no way to defend ourselves and we only managed to get out alive because we never stopped the march“, Explained Iván Núñez, who managed to drive to the San Ramón crossing, where the shooting stopped.

I got out of the truck, as there was a white truck parked. I asked him for help and he immediately left. During those minutes I called 133, at 8.16 pm, “he said in the document presented with his lawyer, Matías Kunsemuller.

But help came minutes later. “I noticed some lights coming down the road and I got down on my knees with my hands up. The car stopped and the couple who were driving it at first refused to help us. It was not until my pleas that they decided to take us in the back seat to the Cañete Hospital, ”he said.

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