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Iturgaiz censors Sánchez a "embarrassing pact" for the support of Bildu

Bilbao, Apr 1 (EFE) .- The president of the Basque PP, Carlos Iturgaiz, has reproached President Pedro Sánchez that the approach of ETA prisoners to Euskadi is not only “a strategy”, but “an embarrassing pact” to ensure the support from EH Bildu.

Penitentiary Institutions agreed yesterday to transfer from Huelva prison to Estremera prison, in Madrid, of one of its most prominent ETA leaders, Francisco Javier García Gaztelu, Txapote, convicted of dozens of murders, including that of Miguel Ángel Blanco.

Along with him, he will leave the Huelva prison and his partner, Amaia, the Etarra Irantzu Gallastegi Sodupe, will enter the same one in Madrid. In addition, three other prisoners from the gang and one from GRAPO will change jail, according to Penitentiary Institutions yesterday.

In a message on social networks, the president of the Basque PP has indicated that “Sánchez and Marlaska bring five ETA prisoners to the Basque Country every week with or without regret.”

“It is not just a strategy,” Iturgaiz added, “but an embarrassing pact with the political arm of the ETA assassins, and thus ensure Bildu’s support to maintain the majority in Congress.”

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