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It’s not bad luck: Signs that you are the one sabotaging your love relationships

Perhaps what prevents you from being happy in love is not luck, men or that Cupid forgot to arrow you with the right one. Many times our relationship problems lie in the self-sabotage that we manifest with various behaviors that destroy relationships.

They are identified by patterns that repeat from time to time and are not done in a conscious or planned way, are your fears and traumas leading you to drive away from happiness next to a loved one, no matter how crazy it sounds.

“Fear of intimacy often comes from complicated or abusive parental relationships. In general, people who sabotage themselves suffered a lot in the early stages of life and that is why they developed the erroneous belief that no one can be trusted “, they explain from the portal

Namely, self-sabotage with your partner is a defense mechanism to avoid being hurt by people we love, isolating you from further suffering and pain, but also from happiness.

Signs of self-sabotage with your partner

You avoid compromise

You don’t know their parents even though they have been dating for a while, much less have you thought about taking more advanced steps like getting married or having children. You constantly worry that things will go wrong or find yourself trapped in a relationship with no turning back, that has serious emotional, social or economic consequences for you.

Jealousy and insecurities with your partner

If you are constantly thinking that your partner is unfaithful (without giving you reasons), this may be the product of self-sabotage. Your mind wants you to maintain excessive control over the other but in reality what you do is drive them away with your doubts and lack of confidence.

Ironically, people who fall into self-sabotage can become unfaithful since they unconsciously do it to be discovered and left by the other.

Is never enough for you

You have had brief relationships because no one is ever good enough to be your partner and for minor things or conflicts you throw everything into oblivion. You frequently find faults and become engrossed in their flaws. Being impossible to please, you will push the other away.

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