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It’s Like This and Point: “Tigres is ungrateful to Tuca Ferretti”

The history of the Tigres has a before and after Ricardo Ferretti, the institution’s most winning coach, who will leave at the end of the 2021 Guard1anes Tournament.

In the Podcast ‘It’s So and Period‘, the analyst Hernán Pereyra was outraged by the way in which the Brazilian will leave the club, and considers that the Tigers are “ungrateful”, that with the passage of time they will value more what’ Tuca ‘achieved. .

After 11 years at the helm of the felines, time in which he won five Liga MX titles, a Copa MX, a Concachampions and the Copa Libertadores and Club World Cup runners-up, the top brass at Cemex decided not to renew the coach’s contract 67 years old.

When Tuca came to the Tigres they were not even close to what they are today and especially in the last decade in which they became protagonists and tournament after tournament they were in the Liguillas fighting the local titles.

Everything indicates that Miguel Herrera is the number one candidate to reach the Ferretti relay, although this will be made official until the cats are eliminated in the present Guard1anes 2021.

Note: The podcast also includes the following topics: UEFA’s non-sanction of the founders of the Superliga, the rumor that Argentina would withdraw from the Copa América, Messi’s possible new contract with Barcelona, ​​and responds to messages from his followers.

Listen in ‘Es Así y Punto’ all about the departure of ‘Tuca’ Ferretti de Tigres.

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