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“It’s a miracle!” – woman gives birth to baby in corona coma

“It’s a miracle!”

These are the words of Kelsie Routs (23). The unvaccinated woman from Great Britain had to be put into an artificial coma because of a corona disease. When she woke up she was a mother. About it reports “The Sun“.

Accordingly, the 23-year-old was hospitalized with breathing difficulties. The mother of two was already in the 28th week.

The doctors quickly decided that the pregnant woman had to be put into an artificial coma so that, as a non-vaccinated person and her unborn baby, she could survive the fight against the virus as safely as possible.

During that time, the doctors brought little Kobe into the world – twelve weeks before the actually calculated appointment. The child weighed less than two kilograms when it was born, but is now in excellent health. The offspring had to be nursed up in the hospital for 40 days.

Seven days later, Kelsie Routs woke up from the coma. She told the British tabloid: “This is just amazing. Waking up from a coma and having a newborn – that still doesn’t go into my head today. “

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She realized that the doctors had done the caesarean section to protect the baby. She and her partner Danny (23) are overjoyed.

Kelsie Routs had already noticed the first corona symptoms in August. “I felt weak and within a few hours it went downhill. The next day I was seriously ill and couldn’t keep any food with me. “

The British woman lost her sense of taste and smell. Two days later, she had to be admitted to the clinic due to difficulty breathing. A supply of oxygen was not enough. So the doctors decided on the artificial coma.

Dr. Jo Mountfield of the UK health authority said that having a baby in the womb makes it difficult for pregnant women to breathe anyway. If you have Covid, “the best we can do is give birth to the child”.

Therefore, the authority advises pregnant women to have a vaccination. There are data that rule out an increased health risk for the baby due to a corona vaccination.

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