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“It was worth it.” VIDEO shows the moment when Edomex authorities stop a combi carrying 4 assailants

On different sections of the road, the unit is approached by four men wearing caps and masks, who threaten the passengers with a pistol and take their belongings.

Mexico City, November 25 (However) .- Four subjects are detained after assault a transport unit public on the road Mexico-Puebla.

Through the web the security recording of a combi where at least seven adults and two minors travel.

In different sections of the road, the unit is approached by four individuals wearing caps and face masks, who took their place and waited for the moment to seize the belongings of the users, threatening them with a firearm.

However, later on they were surprised by a patrol that was in the area, and although they retaken their places in the unit and tried to go unnoticed, the security elements forced them to descend to be searched.

In the video it is possible to see several passengers who get off and try to hit them, but are interrupted by the police.

Don’t go overboard! A user is heard saying when he hits the attackers, but is stopped by his companion.

The recording is dated December 18 of the current year.

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