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“It was a cowardly attitude, they surprised me from behind,” said the young man attacked by rugby players.

“It was a cowardly attitude, they caught me from behind.” With that description, Felipe Di Francesco recounted the attack he suffered yesterday at dawn on a beach in Claromecó and points out two brothers who play at La Plata Rugby Club as the aggressors.

“It was at a clandestine party. Almost towards the end we began to clean the garbage and a group of 6 or 7 people, between 30 and 31 years old began to throw cans on the fire. My brother asks you please not to do it and that they give us a hand. That was when one of them, Luciano Cozzi, began to bully and insult my brother. He started a discussion, but it stayed there, “the complainant who studies in our city began, according to his Facebook profile. And he continued: “At 20 minutes, two twin brothers who play at La Plata Rugby Club hook me up getting into the truck and hit me on the back, I was defenseless.”

Felipe said that he “repudiated the cowardly attitude” and said that “I don’t know if it was an ambush or if they were waiting for me. I found out from the blow they gave me in the face, which left me unconscious and they kept hitting me. That’s why the degree of the injuries I have. “

In this regard, in dialogue with the TN news channel, he said that his septum is fissured in two parts, “cachaca” teeth that, according to the doctor, was caused by a frontal kick. He also has “significant” vision loss. Meanwhile, he maintained that he is waiting for medical expertise.

“I thought of Fernández Baéz Sosa. A story that was repeated although I have to thank it was not worse,” Di Francesco said. Regarding the situation of the accused, he said that “they are not imprisoned. They were already intercepted by the police and were summoned to testify at the Tres Arroyos 13th prosecutor’s office. I made the complaint in Claromecó and it was there that they treated me and then urgently referred three streams. I still don’t know if they declared or not. “

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