“It is possible to think of a new media law”

In a new attack on the press, ultra-Kirchner senator Oscar Parrilli said on Tuesday that it would be possible to think about a new media law. He did so by aiming once more against Clarion.

“I think so. We have a media law that was repealed by decree. It was declared constitutional and later they took care of not applying it and not allowing its application,” Parrilli launched when asked if he considered a new law viable, such as the one that it was repealed by Mauricio Macri as soon as he became president.

“I have no doubts about that,” Parrilli added emphatically, and insisted with his usual criticisms of Clarín and the media.

For Parrilli, “this is the fight (with Clarín), the discussion, and there are two models of the country that are in dispute.” And he continued: “The way we have to solve it is democratically. At least we have the forcefulness that in the last election we have had an overwhelming victory.”

Oscar Parrilli in Commodore Py.  Photo Federico Lopez Claro

Oscar Parrilli in Commodore Py. Photo Federico Lopez Claro

The former secretary of the Presidency also targeted the Macri government, which shortly after taking office, repealed part of the law. That decision was ratified by the Chamber of Deputies in April 2016.

In September 2019, when Macri was still ruling, the former Supreme Court judge, Eugenio Zaffaroni, had launched the idea of ​​re-enacting a media law and at that time asked to include it in an eventual reform of the National Constitution.

New request for impeachment of Stornelli

Parrilli presented on Tuesday a new request for impeachment before the Attorney General’s Office against prosecutor Carlos Stornelli for allegedly poor performance of his duties.

The presentation was sent to the Acting Attorney General of the Nation, Eduardo Casal; who has already officially notified Stornelli. At the beginning of December, the Federal Chamber of Mar del Plata partially confirmed the prosecution of the prosecutor in the case for alleged illegal espionage maneuvers in which the false lawyer is detained Marcelo D’Alessio.

Parrilli had already requested the impeachment of Stornelli before the Procuratorate for alleged “poor performance” of his duties and for considering that he was part of a “judicial persecution system“Against opposition leaders during the government of Mauricio Macri. Now he speaks of” serious faults and poor performance in the functions “of the prosecutor for his” irregular and repeated performance in the exercise of his functions, “the Neuquén legislator reported.

For the senator, Stornelli violated article 68 of the Organic Law of the Public Prosecutor’s Office by “repeatedly failing to fulfill the tasks or functions assigned in the area where they work, in accordance with the mission of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the Nation” and ” act with gross negligence in the matters entrusted or in compliance with the obligations assumed “.


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