It is good that CFE recognizes an error about a false fire certificate that caused the blackout: AMLO

After yesterday the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) admitted that the Tamaulipas Civil Protection document on the fire that caused the blackout last week it’s false, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that it is good that the Commission has recognized the error, “Do not fall into complacency”, which has been rectified, and reiterated that a blackout like the one that affected more than 10.3 million people will not be repeated.

In cpress conference, the head of the federal Executive He pointed out that despite this blackout the electricity system is working well, but he said that “so much publicity” has been given by those who accused that they are betting on the privatization of the CFE and that their government is doing badly.

“I think it is good to recognize that an error or more than that was made, that an alleged incident has been invented, then that the CFE continues to carry out the investigation. So that the CFE continue to carry out the investigation and that the causes are known.

“But I am sure it will not be repeated, because regardless of what caused the blackout, the electrical system is working well. They are and I repeat the electrical workers, the technicians and those who want the electrical system to fail, that is why there was so much publicity about this case, because they are the ones who have bet on the privatization of the CFE and also those who bet that it will go badly as government, but it is good that it has the ability to rectify, not fall into complacency, “he said.

In the Treasury room of the National Palace, the president pointed out that a democratic government must have the capacity to rectify and tell the truth.
“Now it will be up to the CFE to respond if it was not what they argued at the beginning because this document is apocryphal, then give the explanation that caused the blackout and move on.

“Before, nothing changed, before there was complete silence, but not now, now public life has to be more and more public and the people cannot be deceived,” he said.

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