It falls subject in Edomex with $ 380 thousand without proving its origin

Between the rear seats of the unit was a backpack with several wads of bills.  Photo: Special

Between the rear seats of the unit was a backpack with several wads of bills. Photo: Special


Members of the National Guard deployed in the State of Mexico, when carrying out inspection, security, surveillance and crime prevention functions, detained a person who was transporting just over 380 thousand pesos without the corresponding documentation to verify their legal origin.

At kilometer 000 + 700 of the Chamapa-La Venta highway (direct) Ramal Interlomas, municipality of Huixquilucan, they detained the driver of a car to prepare the corresponding infraction because he violated the traffic regulations.

Between the rear seats of the unit there was a backpack with several bundles of bills of different denominations and the driver said that he did not have the documents to prove possession of the cash.

To define their legal situation, the person was read the Card of Rights that Assist People in Detention, the National Registry of Detentions was filled out and together with the insured it was made available to the Attorney General’s Office in Naucalpan de Juárez .

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