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“It cost me dearly”: Strizhenova showed how she fell on the air

Ekaterina Strizhenova has been a TV presenter for a long time. She also has films in her piggy bank. Not so long ago, the artist celebrated her 53rd birthday. She hosts a number of programs, so she has long learned to always look perfect. However, even with the presenters who have a long experience in work, embarrassment happens. So the other day Ekaterina Vladimirovna fell on the air of the program “Time will show”.

The TV presenter collapsed to the floor. As it turned out later, Strizhenova broke her arm. She is still in the hospital. The footage of how the celebrity fell, spread around the web. On the eve of the words of support, co-host Artem Sheinin addressed her. He admitted that he was praying for her and wished a speedy recovery. His appeal moved the presenter to tears. And now she decided to watch how she fell and talked about her experiences.

“Today is April 1 – April Fool’s Day, April Fool’s Day! Probably the stupidest thing that happened to me lately is the fall on the air! I decided to look at myself from the outside only today, it cost me too much … Some say – “you need it right” – probably!

Now I’m lying in the hospital and thinking “why do I need all this?” Or is it more correct to ask “why” ?! Well, if you are going to arrange jokes today, just think about the consequences, I know many cases that ended in tears, ”wrote the star.

Fans tried to cheer Ekaterina Vladimirovna. Many noted that she should not listen to the words of haters. “Dear, Katyusha !!!!!! Get well soon! Would you like something tasty? I’ll deliver it to you in a moment! If only she would get better sooner! ” – said Anita Tsoi.

“Katyusha, get well soon !!! Take care of yourself!!! Sincere warmth! ” – Katya Lel joined. “Oooh …. not stupid … awful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am very worried about you “,” Katerina get well soon, we are waiting for you! What for? Maybe you just need to slow down the pace of life a little, it happens, ”subscribers commented on the post.

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