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Israel prepares ground intervention

The exchange of fire between Gaza and Israel continued this morning (05/14/2021) almost uninterruptedly, with more rocket fire from the militias from the strip and retaliatory attacks by the Israeli Army, after the Israeli authorities rejected a proposed truce from Egypt to end the escalation of war, sources in Cairo confirmed to Efe.

After an early morning of heavy Israeli bombardment and after the militias launched some 200 projectiles at Israel between the night of Thursday and Friday, the intensity of the hostilities was reduced in the morning, although the exchange of fire and the anti-aircraft sirens in Israel did not stop ringing. The Israeli army reported that it had carried out about fifty rounds of bombing from the ground and air in just 40 minutes, the largest offensive since Monday, bringing the death toll to 120, including 31 minors and 19 women, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health.

“A citizen was killed” after being shot by “the occupation forces (Israel),” the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported. According to the Army, the incident occurred at a military post near the Ofra neighborhood, when the suspect “sped up with his vehicle” against a soldier, then got out of the car and “tried to stab him,” after which the military man shot him. and “neutralized”. No Israeli soldier was injured, the Army specified.

Israel ready for a ground intervention

An Army spokesman announced today that it will continue to attack targets in the enclave and that “they intend” to carry out a ground offensive: “We are prepared to do so,” he said.

In Israel, seven people – six civilians and a soldier – have died, including a teenager and a 6-year-old child, and last night an old woman died from a fall when she was running to take refuge from the firing of rockets from the enclave that began in the past. Monday the Islamist militias of Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

lgc (efe / afp)

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