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Israel joins the European Convention against Trafficking in Human Beings

Jerusalem, Apr 25 (EFE) .- Israel has become the first non-European country to join the Council of Europe Convention on combating trafficking in human beings, the Israeli Ministry of Justice reported today.

“It is currently considered the most advanced international document in the field of the fight against trafficking in human beings, and establishes various measures to combat it,” the government remarked in a statement.

The European Convention is in force in all 47 Council States, with the exception of Russia and the Czech Republic, and was activated in Portugal in 2008 with the aim of preventing human trafficking, protecting victims and prosecuting traffickers.

Israel’s accession was approved after a “careful review” with the relevant government ministries that determined that “Israel fully complies with the terms and requirements of the Convention.”

For Israel, its integration “strengthens the tools (which it already has) to combat this difficult phenomenon” and allows it “to adapt to the new patterns of modern slavery,” according to the source.

The Ministry noted that Israel is currently in the first ranking group of the US Department of State report on human trafficking, which includes countries that meet international standards and combat the effects of human trafficking.

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