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Israel intercepts 90% of rockets launched from Gaza

Jerusalem / Gaza, May 13 (EFE) .- The Islamist militias of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad launched 1,600 rockets from the Gaza Strip towards Israel since the beginning of the escalation, of which 90% were intercepted by the Dome anti-missile system de Hierro, the Army reported today.

The rockets left seven dead in Israel, including a teenager and a child, while the Palestinians killed in Gaza in the current escalation of violence today amounted to 67, including 17 children and 6 women.

In addition, a total of 388 Palestinian civilians were also injured, including 115 minors, the same source specified.

Of the total number of projectiles launched since Monday at 3.00 GMT, including tonight, 400 were missed and fell on the same strip. In turn, the armed forces attacked more than 600 targets in the enclave, according to a statement today.

Today Gaza began amid rubble and destruction the first day of Eid al Fitr, the Muslim holiday after the month of Ramadan.

During the night, the Israeli army intensified its airstrikes against buildings – some high-altitude – and facilities in the enclave, largely belonging to Islamic Jihad and Hamas militants.

The Army carried out new selective attacks against the houses of high-ranking positions in the militias. Among them, the residence of Iyad Tayeb, commander of a Hamas battalion, and several members of the group’s naval force were also “eliminated”. Israel claims to have killed more than 30 militants in the offensive.

Anti-aircraft alarms sounded during the in towns near the enclave and also in areas of central Israel and the Tel Aviv area. The Al Qasam Brigades, Hamas’s military wing, claimed responsibility for firing a new burst of rockets into the metropolitan area of ​​the city.

According to a spokesman for the militia today, it expanded its attacks against Israel in the face of “the continuing crimes of the occupation in the battle to defend Jerusalem,” which triggered the escalation.

In turn, Army fighter jets “attacked dozens of targets” on the strip. Among others, an underground tunnel used by Hamas operatives, “located under a school and very close to other civilian buildings,” specified the Army, which denounced that the Islamist group “deliberately places military targets in the heart of densely populated civilian areas. “.

Also attacked “several buildings” of internal security of Hamas “used for counterintelligence”, a building where the “office of the head of internal security” of the organization and two rocket launching positions were attacked.

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