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Israel closes Gaza fishing zone after more rocket fire

Jerusalem, Apr 26 (EFE) .- Israel decided today to completely close the fishing zone of the Gaza Strip in response to the launch this morning of three rockets from the enclave against its territory, in what represented the third consecutive night of shooting in the framework of an escalation of tension in the region.

The decision was announced today by COGAT, the Israeli military body that manages civil affairs in Palestinian territory, which said in a statement that the measure will be in force “until further notice” and that it was implemented “due to the continued firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip towards the State of Israel overnight. “

There were three projectile shots fired this morning from the blocked enclave, two of which were intercepted by the Iron Cupola antiaircraft defense system, while the last fell within Gazati territory.

These three rocket launches followed two others carried out before midnight, one of which landed in an unpopulated area on Israeli territory while the other failed to overcome the dividing fence.

After those first shots last night, COGAT had initially announced a reduction in the fishing area of ​​the strip in retaliation, from 15 to 9 nautical miles. However, as a result of the three subsequent launches, the decision was made to close it completely.

These incidents come within the framework of an escalation of tension in the area, with three consecutive days of projectile fire from Gaza into Israel, including 36 launches on the night from Friday to Saturday, the highest number in more than a year.

According to the Palestinian militias in the strip, these shots are a demonstration of support for the protests in East Jerusalem, occupied and annexed by Israel and where in recent days there have been serious clashes between Palestinian residents and Israeli security forces.

These originated after the decision of the Israeli Police to ban crowds at the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, a decision that however seemed to begin to reverse last night after almost two weeks of constant clashes.

The tension in the Holy City then spread not only to Gaza but also to the occupied West Bank, where a series of protests took place in recent days, both within Palestinian cities and at Israeli military checkpoints.

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