Isn’t it time to let ourselves be caught in peace?

The Buenos Aires senator Mariano Recalde raised the temperature in the session in which the future of the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy is defined. In his speech, the former head of Aerolineas Argentinas quoted a text from the journalist Angela Lerena and her words resounded in the venue, while she vehemently defended her vote in favor of the project of the abortion legal that came from the Chamber of Deputies with half sanction.

“I think that explaining this – sexual freedom – cannot be done very well by a man and that is why I am going to quote a woman. I found myself in the debate, in the readings, in this long discussion on this issue,” said the legislator when it averaged its exposure in the National Congress.

“It is a text by the journalist Ángela Lerena, who literally says like this: -speaking to those who oppose, who do not agree with this law- ‘It does not seem to you that if abortion in rapes has been legal for 99 years, but it is still not legal in consensual sex, it is clear that it is not intended to take care of the embryo, but to discipline the desire of the woman. Don’t you think it’s time to let us take it in peace? ‘”Recalde said.


“We are talking about very deep things. Finally, I wanted to point out that if today we are discussing this bill, it was not magic. It is the result of the struggle of the feminist movement, of the girls of women, and the diversity of my colleagues, that these years they fought for this discussion and this law to be a reality, “added the member of the Frente de Todos bloc.

And he added: “This movement was consolidated within the framework of 12 years of popular empowerment, empowerment of women, politicization of youth and a process of expanding rights with fundamental laws for women and diversities such as the law of comprehensive sexual education, the law of respected childbirth, the law of equal marriage, the law of gender identity, among many other laws.

“The country is the other and today the country is the other and that is why my vote is positive and that it be the law once and for all,” Recalde closed.

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