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Isaac Brizuela: we are taking the work of the technical bodies and we are guilty of that

The ‘Rabbit’ Brizuela supports the continuity of Vucetich at the head of Chivas and knows that the players must step forward to show that they want him on the bench

The Chivas footballer, Isaac Brizuela, assured that the players are the main responsible for the bad moment that the Sacred Flock is going through, a team that next Saturday faces Cruz Azul, leader of Guard1anes 2021.

In the face of the commitment against La Maquina, Brizuela pointed out at a press conference that bad performances by footballers can unfairly cause coaches to leave and stressed that the bad tournament that the rojiblanco team has harvested is the fault of the players.

“We are the main culprits. Always the easiest decision is to criticize the coach or put his position at risk. We have talked about it, as players we talk about putting a stop to this situation because We are taking the work of the technical bodies and we were to blame for that.

“We are the main responsible, those of us who are on the field and here we are showing our faces. Ricardo (Peláez) and (Víctor Manuel) Vucetich spoke, they stood up for the team, that is appreciated, but it does not mean that we feel that guilt. We have to take this situation seriously and being responsible, “reiterated Isaac Brizuela.

The 30-year-old winger acknowledged that the Guadalajara squad has not reciprocated the extraordinary support they have received from their fans, as well as from the board headed by Ricardo Peláez.

“We are in debt to the fans, management and coaching staff. They have supported us, they have been transparent, they have always tried to put the best on us and in that part we are in debt because they have behaved in a good way,” he commented.

On the other hand, despite the poor results, the ‘Rabbit’ hopes that Víctor Manuel Vucetich will continue to lead the team by pointing out that all the players feel good under the orders of ‘King Midas’.

“We have worked well, they have good training sessions, they are trained, they get along well with the player, they care about the person and that speaks well. I would support continuity, sometimes decisions are made up front and you have to accept them, but on my part I would support the continuity of the coaching staff. “

Finally, Isaac Brizuela pointed out that the match against Cruz Azul will be a good parameter for Chivas and although he recognized the great level of La Maquina, he indicated that Guadalajara can achieve victory.

“They have the best streak, they have developed good football but we have shown against teams that are in the first places that we play you for you. We have the mentality of going for the three points, knowing that it is a complicated team and it is one of our last opportunities. We will look for the match yes or yes, “he said.

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