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“Is Pashka shedding tears?”: Muceniece in the form of an Egyptian queen bared her elastic chest

Agatha Muceniece, after her divorce from Pavel Priluchny, admitted that they were both to blame for the fact that they could not save the marriage. The actress from the film “Tobol” has repeatedly hinted at the jealous character of the “major”. Pavel, for example, forbade his wife to go to restaurants with colleagues in the evenings when she was on film expeditions. Priluchny believed that a married girl had nothing to do in noisy companies.

After Agatha received a divorce, juicy rumors immediately arose about her secret affair with director Klim Shipenko. The actress herself only laughed at these speculations. In her microblog, Agatha shared a fresh selfie from the dressing room, posing as an Egyptian queen. The actress posed in a wig with bangs and under a bob, showing how she would look like a brunette. The star’s head was adorned with a luxurious tiara with stones, which would have pleased Cleopatra herself.

“Fascinating”, “Everybody gasped!”, “Pashka shed tears ?!” sexy! ”,“ Such makeup suits you, immediately the eyes became expressive ”,“ Sensually ”,“ She became even more beautiful as a brunette! Very passionately “,” Wow, you are looking for a square and a bang! An image for five “,” Cleopatra is the mistress of hearts “, – the followers write.

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