LOS ANGELES – The footballer has absolute power. You can change your story and that of your team. Sure, you have to have a moral and hormonal stature to do it. Not suitable for professional eunuchs.

Chivas players can take control of their team. The problem is that many have crawled promiscuously in their careers: drunkenness, sleepless nights, indiscipline, disloyalty, escapes, clandestine encounters in bars closed by the pandemic in Guadalajara.

Who can believe in them if those same players are morally disqualified? Who among them has the authority to raise their voice, lead the riot, confront their coach and reach a point of agreement on how they want to play and if there is no agreement, beat the same coach every 90 minutes?

Because, if Ricardo Peláez doesn’t dare to put order between the squad and the coach and if Amaury’s Vergara genes are too big, they, the footballers, must change their destiny, their destiny.

Months of calling him the former King Midas and finally, most have been convinced. Víctor Manuel Vucetich does not have the solution to straighten this team as long as the concepts he wants to apply are skewed.

A riot in Chivas? That seems to be the solution. That the players defend their claim and whether or not they take absolute control of the team, they find in Vucetich, or someone else, a tactical guide to guide and support them, but not to act against them and against the team’s urgencies.

But who is blameless to cast the first stone? Who has the voice of command without having stained it with alcohol, indiscipline, late nights, brothels, slums, but who also supports him on the field?

The draw against Santos, the behavior and the change of orders in the second half, again showed that the challenge already passed Vucetich. Guadalajara is not a team that should play in fear. Former King Midas has made shameless panic his rule of the game.

It had already been noted that the performance of the Chivas players in the Pre-Olympic had moderately vindicated Ricardo Peláez, but that it had ignominiously condemned Vucetich. Before Santos, it was ratified. The players can do more, they want more, they know more, but they don’t let them do more.

It’s not about canonizing players. They themselves, with their apathy, their apathy, their resignation, their cowardice, have become accomplices, but if today, Vucetich is more part of the problem than of the solution, it is time for drastic measures. I insist, if for any reason Peláez and Amaury hesitate and tremble, it is time for a daring on the part of the players.

A few weeks ago, in Futbol Picante, a reference of Mexican soccer, such as Francisco Gabriel de Anda, recognized that sometimes, the players, intimately, make decisions to straighten the course of a team.

Let’s remember two versions of Cruz Azul. In the Clausura 2013, the players close ranks, take control of the dressing room and talk with their coach Memo Vázquez about the absolute replacement in the team. They reached the Final, which they end up losing to América, in the best of all the outcomes of a Liga MX after that header by Moisés Muñoz. The wisdom of a riot.

During the management of Robert Dante Siboldi, the players of La Maquina fired Víctor Garcés, the extremely uncomfortable brother-in-law of the Álvarez Cuevas, from the dressing room. They warn him never to come to the campus again. They riot before a directive in crisis and reconcile the future of the team with Siboldi. Everything was going smoothly until that #Megacruzazuleada against Pumas happened.

These kinds of riots happen all over the world. There are especially famous cases. The most recent, when Napoli abandoned the concentration and later caused the departure of Carlo Ancelotti, making President Aurelio De Laurentis fold his hands, who first fined and threatened them and then pardoned them.

The group of players rallied in favor of the arrival of Genaro Gatusso and the Neapolitan team raised.

In Barcelona itself, in 1988, the so-called “Riot of the Hesperia was unleashed due to the name of the hotel where the movement was forged. The terrible administration with financial damage to the squad by President José Luis Núñez led the players to a lockdown after a terrible campaign under the command of Luis Aragonés, with the team 23 points behind Real Madrid, his immediate rival to that session .

The result? The Catalan justice was on their side and they defeated Madrid the following Sunday, although later, in retaliation, Aragonés came out for supporting the group and with it, a dozen of the rebel players in a clean organized by Johan Cruyff.

Another Catalan riot? Even in the midst of a pandemic. It was unleashed by Lionel Messi and Gerard Piqué, to the extent that they ended up causing the departure of Quique Setién and through their accounts on social networks, they shook the institution until Josep Bartomeu resigned.

Of course, in Chivas, at this time, there are no players capable of assuming command of a rebellion with the intention of reconciling with their own coach as the examples reported.

In the first case of Cruz Azul, there were guys like Gerardo Torrado, Chaco Giménez, José de Jesús Corona, Luis Amaranto Perea, among others.

Of that cut, in these Chivas there is none and of course, not even remotely compare with the two cases of Barcelona or Napoli, but the Guadalajara player, despite his recurring indiscipline and ignorance, out of desperation to see his career devalued and in decline, at least for an act of self-love and moral responsibility to the club, should try to summon Vucetich, Peláez and Vergara and if they do not listen to them, they know well that on the field, they are the masters of their destiny.

Napoleon Bonaparte used to say that “if obedience is the result of the instinct of the crowds, the mutiny is that of their reflection.”