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Is it still more shameless? – Looters alarm at jeweler, supermarket, drugstore!

People fight for their lives, for their belongings. Many lose everything – and some show the worst side of their character in this absolute emergency situation: They shamelessly exploit the situation and plunder!

Several incidents occurred in Stolberg near Aachen.

Victim Erol Igneci (45) from “Hirmas Mode” (sells traditional women’s fashion) stunned to BILD: “My clothes were stolen by looters. I live across the street, I still saw them, but couldn’t prevent the theft! The goods were worth maybe around 1000 euros. We urgently need support from the police here! “

The officers patrolled the city that afternoon to prevent further looting. In three cases, witnesses reported that there were people in flooded shops. A suspect was arrested at a jewelry store.

When the officers arrived at other crime scenes – a supermarket and a drugstore – several strangers fled. It was initially unclear whether something was stolen there as well.

A hundred of the police are now in Stolberg to protect the abandoned houses and shops from looting. In addition, onlookers who wanted to see the massive damage but did not come from the city should be sent away.

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