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Is it bad to use a MicroSD card in your mobile?

It is likely that when buying your smartphone you opted for a lower storage version to complete it with a microSD card and thus obtain much more space. Have you ever wondered if it is bad to use these cards? The short answer is no, but there is a whole list of reasons why resorting to external storage is not the best idea. Today we tell you why you shouldn’t use a MicroSD card on your mobile and the consequences of doing so. We already anticipate that your device will not be broken by using this type of storage.

This is the main reason not to use microSD cards

class 10 sd cards

If your mobile has a slot for microSD cards it’s easy enough to buy one, put it on, and enjoy a lot more storage. Most mid-range devices have these slots and the price of the cards it has diminished quite a bit over the years.

The problem is not in how the content is stored or if these cards can damage your terminal, something that we have already confirmed will not happen. The key issue with MicroSD cards is in the speed of reading and writing of the same. Son much slower than internal storage of your device.

It is easy for your current device to have a UFS 2.0 storage, which, depending on the amount of GB you can read at a speed of about 1,000 Mbps and write at more than 200 Mbps. These speeds are much lower on MicroSD cards that you can buy on Amazon or any store.

We have chosen one MicroSD Sandisk 64 GB of the most advanced of the moment and with a decent price: € 14 for 64 GB. The maximum speed of reading is 160 Mbps and reading is 90 Mbps. You see the difference?

All the actions that your device goes through reading or writing to the MicroSD card will take longer than doing the same on internal storage. View a photo from the gallery, open an application, move a file … Everything will be much slower when you go through the MicroSD!

In the example that we have given you, a current card and one of the best on the market has been used as a reference, but if you use one that has been around your house for several years, this experience could be even worse. Your mobile could suffer a slowdown very severe by simply inserting a MicroSD card and starting to use it.

Think carefully if you are going to need more storage

This “problem” with microSD cards and the speed can be easily solved when buying your terminal. Are you going to buy the version with 64 or 128 GB? Think very well if in the future you are going to need more storage, Well, buying a version with more GB will cost less than 50 euros / dollars, while buying the version with less GB could mean that in the future you have to spend 20 or 30 euros / dollars to have double the storage.

It will be slightly cheaper for you, yes, but you will get much slower storage. The key is to save about 30 or 40 euros / dollars more and get the 128 or 256 GB version. In this way you will always have free storage in your terminal and you will not have to resort to a card to worsen the experience.

If you have no choice, buy these MicroSD cards

It’s too late: you bought a mobile with little storage and you have to expand it with a card. Do not take the first one you see at home, as this could make your phone become incredibly slow. Cards are cheap and you can double the storage space of your device for only a few euros / dollars.

SanDisk Extreme de 64 GB – 160 Mbps – Amazon

SanDisk Extreme de 128 GB – 160 Mbps – Amazon

SanDisk Extreme Pro de 128 GB  – 170 Mbps – Amazon

These are some examples of cheap and decent speed MicroSD cards to be external storage. Of course, whenever you can resort to internal storage, as this it will greatly improve the loading speeds of your device and the general experience.

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