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Is Gullit Peña reborn in El Salvador?

FAS technician assures that Peña has been professional and expects even more from the Mexican

EL SALVADOR – Jorge Humberto ‘Zarco’ Rodríguez, technician of Carlos ‘Gullit’ Peña in the FAS of El Salvador, affirmed to ESPN Digital who still expect much more from the Mexican player, despite the fact that the former Lion Y Blue Cross he has revalued himself in that league and “has been professional”, in addition to that he seems to have returned the joy of practicing this sport.

I was amazed at how professional he has been since he came to FAS. He has come to work hard and since he arrived he has not missed a training session; He has always shown himself one hundred percent, he is always on the lookout for his teammates. I think it has been positive for him to resume his professional career ”.

The technician maintained: “He is happy, he is committed to the team, he has been adapting in football terms and we know that he has given us, but he will still continue to give us more.; We hope that he will continue to give us football and continue to improve day after day, we still want to see more. We know that he has also been without playing for a while, without having that rhythm at one hundred percent, but yes, we are calm and we trust in the ability that he has as a player, to be able to help us so that the team can qualify.

He expressed that the ‘Gullit’ Peña has been well liked by his teammates: “I think the humility he has brought to the team is positive, where he has tried to adapt with all his teammates. Because a player who has had his way could be a little more elusive, hide But no, he has come to contribute all his experience to the teammates. I see it as positive and hopefully he will perform for us throughout the championship. “

On what he, as a coach, asks him on the court, he explained: “We practically play with a 4-3-3, or a 4-2-3-1, where he plays loose, moving where he deems appropriate in a given moment of the game, that he can give us control of the game, and we hope that every day he feels better in the team, so that we continue to perform ”.

“For me, the ‘Gullit’ brings the quality that we knew him and we are happy that he comes to offer us those sparkles that he has had in international football, and that the fans enjoy it, because rarely in our country do we have players who have had a journey like his ” .


On the other hand, when touching on the subject of the alcohol problem that the ‘Gullit’He said: “I think he has had enough time in Mexico itself to recover. Here what has been seen is a commitment, so I tell you that he has not missed any training. We know that we are all human beings, that at one point in life we ​​can make mistakes, but he is working well, and that for us and for the fans is important, but the most important thing is that he feels important again in football ”.

After the goal of half scissors that nailed the ‘Gullit’ Peña Before Firpo, Jorge Humberto Rodríguez said: “He looks happy in practices and in games. That goal was the first from 1-0, the second is a penalty that he also does; He has shown joy, we see it positive and we hope that he continues to improve so that he gives us much more ”.

He indicated that in Salvadoran soccer they already knew about Carlos Pena before it reached the FAS, “Because he played in several of the best teams in Mexico and he was a World Cup player in Brazil, he played abroad, and also, when we had Isidro Metapán as coach, we faced León de Matosas on two occasions. We knew about his capacity, which is a benchmark in the area, and also, we have always closely watched Mexican soccer on television”.

He also noted that the ‘Gullit’ Peña he is accompanied by his family in that country, “and that, for one is even better, because he has the support of the family, it can be said that in a new rebirth of him in football, after a while of not playing” .


Although Carlos Peña signed a one-year contract with the FAS and they hope he will fulfill it, they know in the club that in Mexico some teams could be following him seeing the good campaign he has in that football.

“It is important that he feels good, in the end they are decisions that he has to make. If he wants to be here, we are really happy that he is, but I think that because of the commitment he has shown to the team, he should keep that in mind: come to The Savior to play six months, a year, and then return to the Mexican League“.

“That is the beauty and we must try to make him feel comfortable with his family here and if one day he has to return to Mexico, soccerically wish him well and wish him success.”


–And, regarding the nickname they have given him there, has he seen himself as a ‘beast’ in the field?

“No, I know him from television; We know that he is giving us up, but you know that he can give even more and we are hoping that he can get even more rhythm in the game and can contribute all his football to us.

– Are goals demanded of the ‘Gullit’ Peña?

“No, look, as a coach what I demand of you is that you have control of the game, that the team’s times know how to manage them so that the team has some control. Sometimes it is achieved, other times not, because the rivals count, but we hope that he continues to be happy and we can continue to perform ”.

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