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Irregularity in the application of the Covid-19 vaccine to the director of the hospital in Edomex and his family will be investigated: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed that the director of the Adolfo López Mateos Hospital, in the State of Mexico, José Rogel Romero, and his family were vaccinated against Covid-19, even though it was not theirs, and announced a investigation to “punish” this irregularity.

In press conference, the head of the federal Executive He asked the Mexican population to denounce this type of act, such as “skipping the line” to the vaccination plan is immoral.

“Yesterday a colleague made a complaint because in a hospital in Rayón, in the State of Mexico, a family had been vaccinated – the Army had been blamed because they were military personnel – the investigation was carried out and in fact yes a family that did not correspond, application of the vaccine arrived and with influentialism they were vaccinated a doctor, his wife, and I think one or two of his daughters.

“I’m not going to talk about the names because that will correspond to the investigation that has already started to punish this irregularity, this notice and thank this information medium for the complaint and ask all the people to help us, reporting all these abuses, because it is not a matter of a single woman, a single man, a single public servant or a group of public servants or only our public servants of the government, it is everyone’s business to be able to stop, stop, cut off influentialism, which is a vice, a bad habit, which comes from afar, ”he said.

In the Treasury room of the National Palace, the president asked the population fight for a better society where there are no such traps, and assured that skipping the line to the national vaccination plan against Covid is an immorality.

“We all have to help and let it be known that skipping or skipping the line is immoral, It is immoral, if it does not correspond to us, “he said.

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Yesterday, after denouncing this fact in the press conference of President López Obrador, the Secretary of Health of the State of Mexico, indicated that it was a error in the system of confirmation of appointments of medical personnel, to receive the vaccine against Covid-19, which forced to summon extra people whose registration was manual.

Authorities of the Mexican Ministry of Health pointed out that “in the face of the failure of the system, the registration of vaccinated people was done manually and to effectively use the biological one, which has six hours for its application, after 2:00 p.m. it was decided, jointly, to immunize the emergent personnel who were present and belonged to all the health institutions ”.

“In the specific case of Dr. Rogel Romero, it is reported that it was contemplated, because the Medical Center is one of the most active hospital units in the care of patients infected with the new coronavirus and has been infected twice “.

“Regarding the alleged vaccination of their relatives it is unknown whether they received the immunization due to the aforementioned setback, “said Mexican authorities.

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