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iRobot’s “budget” robot vacuum cleaner?

In recent years, the market for robot vacuum cleaners has democratized. They are no longer luxury products and there are increasingly cheaper bets that place them within the reach of more people. We have tested the latest release from iRobot, the Roomba i3 + which, despite being a mid-range model, has very interesting aspects such as the automatic emptying station.

iRobot is the quintessential company in the robot vacuum market. They were the first and each launch they make brings significant innovations in both software and hardware to the industry. However, in recent years, has had to see how other manufacturers have eaten market share, with much cheaper robot vacuum cleaners and others with very high performance. Xiaomi, Conga or Roborock on the one hand, and Dyson, mainly, on the other.

To reduce the price, iRobot has also dispensed with elements such as the camera and the option, through the app, to clean a specific room or area.

IRobot’s latest release wants to hit both of them directly. We are talking about the Roomba i3 +, a robot vacuum cleaner that has, among other things, great performance and one of the aspects that has most revolutionized the world of autonomous aspiration: the automatic emptying station.

Its price? Although it is one of the cheapest iRobot models, it goes up to 699 euros (with the station included), although we can find offers for a lower price, around 600 euros. Can this purchase be justified? In Hypertextual we have been testing it for several weeks and here we leave you the main conclusions.

New on the outside, known on the inside

The new iRobot vacuum cleaner has undergone a redesign that suits you best. While you lose the camera that allows you to better identify objects to avoid them (main factor to reduce the price), now we find a device covered by a lattice that simulates (very well) being fabric, and that minimizes the appearance of dirt, mainly generated by footprints. In some houses, where the robot vacuum cleaner is another element of decoration, this type of redesign is appreciated.

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